Dull bypass closet doors upgraded to faux barn doors

Master Bedroom Part II: bypass closet doors makeover

Now that the dressers are done (Part I) it was time to tackle the boring bypass closet doors. If you haven't read Part I then you missed the part where I describe what my bedroom looked like before I began this project. 

before bypass closet doors

I don't know about you, but my bedroom is typically the last room to get any TLC. For the last year I have been playing around with some ideas and even created an inspiration board. If you have never done this before I highly recommend it. The board helped me visualize the space with color and texture.

before master bedroom makeover

What I dreamed about was a master suite that was light, spacious, and inviting. I wanted a space I could relax. A place that was simple so that all my thoughts and ideas could just sigh in relief. I also didn't want it to feel too girly. I did share this room with Hubby and although he's not too picky, I wanted him to like how the room was transformed.

The standard bypass doors were pretty dull. If you have read any of my other posts, you know I tend to go with ideas that are simple. I may be handy but I am definitely not a construction guru. 

When I first created my Inspiration board I planned on some sort of barn door look. But as time went by I began to think I wanted to do something different. Something like what Jenna at Rain on a Tin Roof did with hers.

source: https://rainonatinroof.com/2016/02/diy-painted-and-patterned-doors/

source: https://rainonatinroof.com/2016/02/diy-painted-and-patterned-doors/

Pretty awesome don't you think? But when I finished the planked wall I had quite a bit of extra underlayment and that's when I knew I was going to figure out how to transform those doors into faux barn doors.

DIY faux bypass barn doors

DIY faux bypass barn doors

Here's how I did it.

Cut underlayment plywood and adhere to closet doors

First I cut the boards to size and then gave each one a slight sanding with 120 grit paper. After that I used Hard as Nails adhesive to glue them to the face of each door. I started at the top and as each board was positioned, I used frog tape to hold it in place.

Hard as nails adhesive and frog tape used to attach underlayment plywood to bypass doors.

Hard as nails adhesive and frog tape used to attach underlayment plywood to bypass doors.

Some of the boards didn't want to lay flat even with the frog tape so I pulled out some c-clamps. This worked.

c-clamp helps set hard as nails adhesive

I left the glue to dry 24 hours before I removed the frog tape. See the bottom right side? The board wasn't cut to the right width so wouldn't adhere to closet panel. Once I got the cut right (uh-hmm...thanks, Hubby) the board laid flat and I was able to get it to stick.

use underlayment plywood to update bypass doors

Fill in underlayment plywood seams 

Next I took some spackling (didn't have any wood putty) and filled in each seam with my fingers. You're right, it was pretty messy. Now I'm sure there is a better way to do this but I have found I can control the material better than with a spackling knife.

fill in gaps of faux barn closet doors

Once it dried I sanded it smooth and then prepared to paint the surface. 

Whitewash underlayment plywood

At first I thought I was going to leave it natural but there were too many imperfections not to mention not all of the boards were cut vertically. But I wanted to show the grain somehow. This is when I decided to white wash the doors.

whitewash treatment to faux barn doors

Third step in the project was to whitewash the doors. With a plastic container half filled with water, eggshell pure white Behr paint, and a brush I was ready to paint. First dab brush in paint then dip in water. Brush on and smooth out. You will get drips but if you quickly brush the drips outward then drips are no longer a problem.

The first coat was pretty light. More water-downed-paint than paint. I just kept adding and spreading the paint. When they saw wash that's pretty much what you are doing. Two coats later and I was ready to attach the hardware.

dummy hinges and pulls faux barn doors

Attach dummy hinges and pulls

I found the hardware on Amazon for about $25. It's called Decorative Door Hardware Kit-Dummy Hinges Pulls Carriage Door. To attach first mark each hole then use a small drill bit and drill holes for the hex screws. Once the hex screws were placed I then anchored them with a washer followed by the nut. Hubby had a hex bolt kit so I was lucky there. I'm imagining going to the hardware store and asking for the screws with the flat ends and circles with holes in the middle...you know, those watchamacallits. Oh, I need nuts too. Um....where are they and what size will I need. Thank. You. Hubby.

The faux bypass closet doors certainly are not dull! While this was a multi-step, multi-day project, I couldn't be happier with the results. The doors are heavier and they are no longer bypass doors due to the handle. I'm okay with that. 

DIY faux whitewashed barn closet doors

If you have some pretty dull bypass doors, don't be afraid to give them life. This was an affordable upgrade and something anyone could do. See how I frugally updated my second hand dressers here and what I did with one of the walls here.