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It ain't pretty but it works: plastic ware storage solution

It ain't pretty but it works: plastic ware storage solution

How I organized my plastic containers

I don't know about you but the plastic container situation is out of control. Whether I organized it in a drawer or a cupboard the lids seem to always end up out numbering the containers.

It's winter break which is like spring break where the home to-do list is tackled. On the list was plastic container mission impossible. After a quick Pinterest search for inspiration I was ready.

Step 1: pull out the mess


This is just sad. I mean how hard is it to put away the plastic ware? Please tell me your plastic storage system looks similar. Ugh.

I went through and matched the lids to containers. Once again, I ended up with more lids with missing containers. This was what I ended up with. What the heck does that green lid go to?


Step 2: Find a solution to the plastic lid issue

I saw several different ideas on how I could store plastic containers such as  here and here. I liked the cereal box idea--anything that doesn't cost me more money is a good thing.  I happened to have one but when I went through my Christmas box leftovers I found this:


It was perfect.

Step 3: Prep boxes

I cut the postal box 4.5 inches which gave me a short and tall container. Then I spray painted them as well as the Costco chicken box I was previously using . I also lined this box with some parchment paper. What I like about my repurposed chicken box is that it easily slides out and doesn't mark up my cupboard shelf. You might be a redneck when you use Costco's chicken box as a sliding kitchen drawer. Yep, that about sums it up.

Once they dried I then used black electrical tape to clean up the top edges. Last touch was to label the lid storage containers.

Step 4: Organize Plastic Containers

This was the easy part. Stack and return 'slide-out' repurposed box. Place lids accordingly. Check and check.


The whole process took a little over an hour. Not too pretty but it is functional. 

Just because you know you want to see the before and after...


And that's a 4 step wrap on the plastic container mission impossible. 

Update: It's almost a year later and this system is working! Still not the most beautiful thing to look at but I have solved the lid to container issue. Hallelujah. 

What have you done to solve your storage nightmare? Leave a comment and tell me all about it.

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