Kitchen storage challenged? Go vertical!

The kitchen. The place that is the heart of home because, as you know, the way to the heart is with food. Good thing Hubby likes to cook! 

I dream that one day I will magically discover the perfect way to organize my kitchen. Hence the rotation of kitchenware, spices, grains, pots, pans, get the picture.

Going vertical seemed like the right move. 

Kitchen three years ago.

Kitchen three years ago.

This is what I'm working with. The cabinets are narrow and not very deep. I have one cabinet left of the stove which currently houses cookie sheets and cupcake tins. Above the stove stores baking spices, etc. on the left and our coffee station is on the right. 

So where are the pots and pans? What about below the stove? --beater, rolling pin and those cookie sheet covers that keep cookies from sticking. 

When we were looking at this home fifteen years ago, I remember the salesman showing us the pot and pan drawers. I thought, cool. But...yes, there's always a but, I discovered:

  1. they are next to the refrigerator
  2. they are narrow
  3. they are shallow
  4. lids always seemed to fall behind the drawers

To go vertical I needed a wall. I figured this one made the most sense. Now I needed some inspiration. 

Wall space before makeover

Wall space before makeover

Pinterest offers a ton of ideas. I knew I wanted something rustic, simple and multipurpose. I loved this idea. Only thing missing was the pot and pan storage solution.

I would like to give credit to source but the Pin link does not lead to this image.

I would like to give credit to source but the Pin link does not lead to this image.

When I shared what I wanted to do with my neighbor and good friend, she hooked me up with a stainless steal pot holder wall rack. Yay!

I measured the space and began to piece together what I wanted to do.

rustic diy vertical kitchen storage

The cedar boards are from the siding of an old logger's cabin. I just sanded them down, spray painted them white, then gave them a light coat of ebony stain. Once the stain was dried, I gently sanded the boards.

Looking at them, I'm kind of hoping I have more boards. I think I could do a mini-planked frame and then remount them. Hmmm...what do you think?

The bucket was the perfect solution to our cooking utensils. Before they were stored in a flower pot on a shelf I had in the corner. Now it's off the shelf and the shelf is out of the kitchen. L-O-V-E, love this solution.

And that's pretty much a wrap on this easy DIY vertical storage solution.

organize kitchen vertically

Did I mention this sweet solution cost me 0.00 dollars? 

The kitchen continues to get fine tuned. Previous challenges were my kitchen drawers you can read here and how I used the space above my refrigerator here.

I would love to hear how you organize your small kitchen. How have you made it work for you? 

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