Rainy Day Project: easy container for center of outdoor table with umbrella

It's almost June and we've been tackling some pretty tough landscaping garden projects. For Pacific Northwest springs', this one has been pretty dry...until Memorial weekend.

DIY repurposed barn lumber into a retaining wall.

While Hubby was getting drenched working on the retaining wall (more on that coming soon), I was under cover drilling a hole in a cute container box.

cute container box will be the center pot on an outdoor table with umbrella

As projects go this one has to be one of the easiest ones I've taken on so far. 

Drill a hole in a container to pretty-up this space

Once the umbrella was removed, I created a pattern of the circle and then traced it on the bottom center of container. 

First I drilled a couple of holes that a jig saw would fit into. From there I cut lines from the hole to the traced edge. Think triangles that you can eventually cut out. Once I had a bigger opening to work with, I then flipped the box and finished cutting the circle.

Simple container modification fits perfectly under outdoor table umbrella

The beauty of this is you can add flowers such as I did, or you can use this container for condiments, silverware, sunscreen, playing cards, etc. 

Easy DIY container idea for outdoor table with umbrella

Not a bad way to spend some time in the rain. 

Eventually I did put on some rain gear and went and helped Hubby. Can't wait to show you how it all turns out.

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