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Narrow kitchen drawer storage challenge

Narrow kitchen drawer storage challenge

Kitchen drawers...unsightly business these drawers. Nothing sexy about them.

I'm not sure if this is a manufacture home thing or what, but my four kitchen drawers are narrow. My kitchen is small to boot. Figuring out where to store everything is a challenge. Storing it in a smart way...well that, my friends, was what I set out to do on this rainy day weekend.

Silverware Drawer Challenge... 

  1. Use entire space by creating dividers to separate each utensil as well as misc. items.  
  2. Organizational system needs to be visually appealing as well as functional. 
transform messy silverware drawer

Gotta love the blue plastic silverware tray. One thing I did like about this was the top piece slid side-to-side. Of course, the tableware below this had to fit just right for that to function properly. And I bet you can figure out that went.

I began with piece of paper (inspired from Trash to Treasure-BBQ Condiment Tray video) where I sketched the drawer and then placed the silverware where I wanted them. Once I had a good idea of what I wanted, I measured each space and cut the boards to fit. 

Then I attached with some wood glue and screws.

DIY drawer dividers


Baking Drawer Challenge...

  1. Create zones for different types of baking tools and that other stuff.
Make a divider to organize baking utensils

Please tell me you have a drawer that looks like this. I hated this drawer. The meat thermometer always seemed to be waiting for me. Right now it looks harmless; but trust me, more often then naught the darn thing was sticking up warning me to stay away.

I basically repeated the process but used the existing tray to measure out the different storage zones.

DIY drawer dividers

Blade Drawer Challenge...

  1. Divide space to fit long knives yet keep from getting stuck underneath back drawer frame.
Before drawer gets a makeover

One of the problems I had with this drawer was the knife tips would get stuck between the back drawer frame and the bottom of drawer. That's why you see the tip of a handmade pot-holder because it was supposed to keep this from happening. It was frustrating.

Pretty simple solution for this drawer. I just added one divider and that solved my knife problem. Phew!

DIY drawer storage solutions

All drawers were given a couple coats of white gloss paint. They too must look good from the inside out.

Paint the inside of DIY drawer dividers

And that is how I pretty much spent my rainy day weekend. The drawers got a sexy makeover as well as a much needed purge.

Update: A month has passed with our new drawer system. I had to add some wood filler to the silverware drawer as the silverware was sliding underneath the dividers. The wood filler solved that problem. Other than that, I'm the system is working. 

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