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5 re-purposed items to make your own closet storage system

5 re-purposed items to make your own closet storage system

Oh, the master bedroom closet. Too many clothes with too many shoes. Sigh. What is a girl to do when she doesn’t have a walk-in closet nor the budget to spend on those fancy closet solutions? 


Our closet is one of those standard manufactured home systems where the doors slide across each side. The problem is my side is also...cough...his side. Hubby used to own half but now owns a 1/4 of the space. Ladies, you know where I'm coming from.


I wanted to create a space that was functional without looking so cluttered. That’s a challenge when the closet only has the typical one shelf across the whole closet. The other challenge was how to use the space in the middle. I have sliding doors, so this space is not only hard to see but also tends to be the space where I put clothes I don’t really wear. Which highlights the fact that I need to purge!


I took everything out. The bed is barely visible underneath all of my clothes. For the moment this was where they rested. Going through them and deciding what had to go was not going to be fun. 


I'm pretty big on figuring out what I already have and thinking outside of the box. FIRST item I gathered were milk crates (When did I become a collector of milk crates!?). I would use these to create a cubby system in the center of closet.  SECOND item was to use the bathroom shelving unit. Perfect fit for that unused space in closet. The only problem...

closet-water-heater-access side was the water heater access side. This meant Hubby was going to be in for yet another surprise. Yep, after twelve, blissful years of no change, his side was flipped.

The THIRD storage system solution included baskets. I confess...I am in love with baskets. For years I have had them here and there with no real purpose. Now...laaaaahhhhh...behold a reason for being.  Summer sandals, meet basket.


Now it was time to begin the purge. I recently read you only wear five or six items of your favorite clothes so get rid of the rest. This is tough for me because, depending on my mood, I like to mix things up.  A blazer may be worn every three months or even once a year. So there’s that you never know;  I just might wear this one day.  I ended up putting the blazers I never where into the get rid of pile. I also removed all clothing that just didn’t fit right.

The re-purposed bathroom shelf became my active zone. I added a board across the bottom frame where my sweaters now rest. By rolling the yoga pants and sweatshirts, I was able to save space.

The center-cubby is where I rolled up my long-sleeve henlies, wrinkle-free skirts, flats and other shoes. 

Above I created height by adding more milk crates and placed a piece of  left-over siding (the FOURTH item) on top.  This space was reserved for the off season items, handbags, my paint clothes, and snow boots. While the standard shelving unit now houses his sweatshirts and our jeans as well as my sweater cardigans. 

The final, FIFTH, item I added was the night-stand I made in high school. Two more baskets store my gloves and all my uncomfortable tights...ugh. 

And that's my red neck closet system.


Now I have a whole lot of left-over hangers and I'm okay with that. Several months later, my system is working.  I also added a coat rack to my side of the closet. It stores my scarves and is neatly hidden behind my blouses.

As for Hubby...well, he surprisingly rolled with the punches.

Would love to know how you have solved your closet woes. Drop me a comment and...

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