Stylin' Small Pantry Space

Oh the woes of a small pantry. When we purchased our manufactured home fifteen years ago, I remember being so excited to even have a pantry. Now I scratch my head trying to figure out where to put everything. It really doesn't matter how many times I move things around; there just isn't enough room. So what's a girl to do?

Can you say electric drill and miter saw?

small pantry DIY wood shelves

What I wanted to do was remove the metal constructive grade shelving and build some farmer style shelves. I envisioned space for our microwave plus plenty of room for all of the dry goods. 

As I pulled everything out I imagined what my pantry would look like...white ship lap walls with wood shelves. Glass containers to hold all my dry goods. Everything neatly labeled. 

And then I looked around...

Before success I had to work around this!

Before success I had to work around this!

Good lord! I am always surprised at what a DIY project truly entails. One. Gigantic. Mess. On top of that I have a tendency to jump in without a plan. I knew we had some lumber around but I really didn't know whether or not we had wood for the cleats. On top of that, our lumber is rough cut which meant sanding. 

My small pantry where I have already removed two of the wire shelving units. 

My small pantry where I have already removed two of the wire shelving units. 

I had already removed the shelves and raised the top one higher. At this point I was thinking a short cut would work just fine. Move a table in the pantry and put the microwave on top of that. I was dead set on placing the microwave in pantry to free up some counter space. I know what you are thinking? Small pantry...and you want to put a microwave in there!?

At this point I had given up on the idea of building wooden shelves. I was in the process of hanging up the third wire shelf when it happened. I had misplaced a key part to the metal shelving. I looked everywhere! My husband looked everywhere. My daughter looked where we had both looked. It. Was. Gone.

All I kept thinking was I just wanted the mess in my kitchen gone!


Fast forward to the part where I built not one but two wooden shelves.

The bottom is wide enough to hold the microwave. Oh, happy day.....

The next one up is just a tad wider than the metal shelf which allowed me to store more goods.

I then cleaned some plastic bins and spray painted the lids which now store the nuts and other dry goods (note the labels). 

small kitchen pantry organization ideas

I even dressed up the sugar and flour bins. Phew...what a day!

Everything in its place and looks good too. Small pantry, way to make an impact.

How have you made your small pantry shine?