Sometimes women who aren’t perfect are more interesting; they’ve done more, or learned something.
— -Jean M. Auel

I believe diamonds aren't a girl's best friend because her true BFF is paint. It's to a woman what duct tape is to a man--the solution. 

And country music...oh how I do enjoy listening to some good ole' heartland sounds. Who wouldn't enjoy music that takes you to a blue rockin' chair in Mexico or where heart break is being drowned on a plane? It's pretty much the beat you will hear when you visit. 

Unless this guy is home.


Hubby has a flavor for loud classic rock and alternative (eh... and some country thrown in). This guy is all those rock, my beacon, my best friend. We hooked up in '87, raised two beautiful children, and now we're just two 'old farts' sitting at home. 

I'm his nutty-buddy.  

Which is fine because this Olympic Nest wouldn't be the same without his heavy lifting and knack for building things. He built my country cottage greenhouse. Crazy beautiful if I do say so myself. And he helped make my coastal dream room a reality. 

DIY cottage greenhouse design

Home is where I get to pretend I'm an interior designer. If home could talk it would tell you that at one time it lacked character with white walls and no style. Later those walls spoke a dark Kahlua truth to only later speak of cool blue. Waffle yellow spoke of yearnings to travel to Tuscany, Italy and greens of soothing nature.  Home would tell you that Kelli continues to find her style and that lately she seems to be leaning towards farm style charm. 

Although sometimes I think home would like to do this...

freddy krugar-with-kelli-vegas

I am also a teacher who has an obsession with home improvement projects that doesn't cost a fortune.

Who loves pasta but not pizza.

I am a hunter of agates hidden along the rocky shores of the Strait's of Juan de' Fuca.

beach-combing-clallam bay

Someone who plants a garden every spring but at the height of summer often forgets to weed and water.

And after the work, work, work, there are the times of play. It's these moments that I relish.

It's the back yard gatherings.



It's short walks meandering through the woods with the people you love.


And laughing for the sheer joy life brings.


Yep, life is full. Monday-Friday I'm super, in the middle, teacher--reaching one thirteen/fourteen-year-old at a time. What can I say? I'm a glass half-full kind of lady.

So at the end of the day I enjoy a glass of red wine, or two, and some mental down time with Netflix. 

And looking forward to my next adventure with friends.


To my old and new friends, I'm super excited to share my cray-cray with you and look forward to hearing your latest adventure.

bloody mary time.jpg


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