Sometimes women who aren’t perfect are more interesting; they’ve done more, or learned something.
— -Jean M. Auel

I believe diamonds aren't a girl's best friend because her true BFF is paint. It's to a woman what duct tape is to a man--the solution. 

And country music...oh how I do enjoy listening to some good ole' heartland sounds. Who wouldn't enjoy music where heart break is being drowned on a plane or with a double shot of Crown? It's pretty much the beat you will hear when you visit. 

Unless this guy is home.


Hubby has a flavor for loud classic rock and alternative (eh... and some country thrown in). This guy is all those rock, my beacon, my best friend. We hooked up in '87, raised two beautiful children and now we're just two 'old farts' sitting at home. 

I'm his nutty-buddy.  

Which is fine because this Olympic Nest wouldn't be the same without his heavy lifting and knack for building things. He built my country cottage greenhouse. Crazy beautiful if I do say so myself.

DIY cottage greenhouse design

Home is where I get to pretend I'm an interior designer. If home could talk it would tell you that at one time it lacked character with white walls and no style. Later those walls spoke a dark Kahlua truth to only later speak of cool blue. Waffle yellow spoke of yearnings to travel to Tuscany, Italy and greens of soothing nature.  Home would tell you that Kelli continues to find her style and that lately she seems to be leaning towards country cottage charm. 

Although sometimes I think home would like to do this.

freddy krugar-with-kelli-vegas

My parents instilled in me the value of hard work. Home was to be respected and valued. All four of us rugrats were given responsibilities. And if any of us thought about shirking those duties...consequences would follow. 

I thank them for this lesson.

Marriage is work. 

Parenting is work.

Being a grown up is work.

Work hard and you will be rewarded.

My husband and my children are pretty amazing. They are the people I admire and respect. This "work" has been worth every ounce of worry, every drop of tears, and every single mistake I  have made. 

This work has been a hell of a lot of fun.

It's no surprise then I'm ready for more.

To flip a house or say I'm an interior designer would be pretty cool. 

Instead I am a teacher who has an obsession with home improvement projects. 

My passion of home and garden also comes along with challenges. 

Home is where it rains 68 inches per year! The shade of gray lasts from October to May and the nearest home improvement store is a good hour's distance. Nutty is the half of it. Some days you wonder if you will ever see the warmth of the sun again. 

winter-storm-clallam bay-breakwater

Now I don't want you to think I'm a sad country girl. I just want you to understand why I'm an obsessive person. To beat the shade of grey, one must find an indoor passion. Going to the gym is not an option (Thank God!). My passion just happens to be finding solutions to interior transformations when your resources are limited. 

And just when you thought you would never see the sunshine again...this happens on your way to work.

clallam bay_sun rise


 When spring comes around my obsession moves outdoors. Pots get cleaned. Decks get washed and stained, and flower beds get a make over. Like the inside, the garden would have quite a tale to tell. 

Landscaping has been a trial and error experience. Who knew that Lady's Mantel grows like a weed or that roses would end-up being my garden enemy? But then you do something that works. Like my French garden area. 


Between home improvement projects and digging in the dirt, are the times of play. It's these moments that I relish.

It's the back yard gatherings.


Or the beach combing adventures.

beach-combing-clallam bay

It's short walks meandering through the woods with the people you love.


And laughing for the sheer joy life brings.


Yep, life is full. Monday-Friday I'm super, in the middle, teacher. Reaching one thirteen/fourteen-year-old at a time. What can I say? I'm a glass half-full kind of lady.

So at the end of the day I enjoy a glass of red wine, or two, and some mental down time watching shows where bathing is a luxury (apparently no one has) and survival is a crap-shoot (Game of Thrones, Survivor, Walking Dead, Black Sails...).

And looking forward to my next adventure with friends.


To my old and new friends, I'm super excited to share my cray-cray with you. 

bloody mary time.jpg



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