In part I I shared how I used paint to give my drab master bath life and how I gave my vanity area a major face lift.

In part II I give you the rest of my bathroom's makeover.

DIY master bathroom makeover (on a budget)

To update the shower we replaced the door and the shower head. Then I made a His/Her towel rack which was inspired from bonfiresandwine. What I liked was the idea of separate hooks. The rustic flavor was pretty cool too. 

I chose the silver hooks to match the shower door frame. The 2x4 was stained to match the shelves above sinks. With Sharpie in hand, I stenciled each label. So simple and so effective. It works!

Simple DIY his and her towel rack

Move across the way to the deep bath tub (I will eventually paint or, if I win the lottery, will replace with a claw bath tub). 

Let me just take a moment to express how much I despise blinds. I could never keep the darn things clean. After 15 years they ended up looking like this...

Blinds in master bathroom replaced with hand made curtains.

I picked up two extension rods and some light blue printed fabric. Simple hem on bottom and open hem on top...wa-lah...curtains.

Make your own master bath curtains.

While a huge improvement, I'm not totally in love with this window treatment. Open to suggestions, my friends.

Remember when I said the storage system was a bit shoddy? The vanity cabinet is like most. Open doors and all you have is this open space. I wanted to fix that.

We had some pergo flooring left over. With Hubby's help, we built a frame and added the boards to create a shelf.

Before I added anything I went through everything. It felt so good to throw away all of the crap I had collected throughout the years. 

Extend storage space by adding a shelf to bathroom vanity.

I labeled the top of each of the plastic drawers so I now know exactly what is in each. Later I just may give these guys a mini-makeover. 

Almost done!

Here. Comes. The. Floor.

Master bath make over includes adding Allure flooring over linoleum.

Step one. Be nice to Hubby. You need him to remove the old toilet. It's about as pleasant as it sounds.

Step 2. Assist Hubby as he takes over bathroom project. He laid all of the Allure flooring and baseboards. My job was to paint the baseboards and hand him materials when needed. Once the floor was done, he then replaced old toilet with new and improved one.

He did an amazing job.

Master bathroom gets new Allure flooring.

Add Allure flooring to master bathroom

Remember what the master bath looked like before?

And now my master bathroom sings.

It's been almost a year since I painted the vanity. I am happy to report that the paint has not chipped from the cupboard or the vanity base and the counter top is holding up quite nicely.

The down side is that the counter top shows every water spot. It does go away once completely dried, but if this is something that will bug you, I don't suggest this as a solution to updating your vanity.

Would love to hear about your DIY bathroom project.