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Camping at Lake Crescent: Log Cabin Resort

Camping at Lake Crescent: Log Cabin Resort

What to do when camping at Log Cabin Resort 

I love summers on the Olympic Peninsula. I especially love Lake Crescent which is only 45 minutes from home. The last two summers she has been our go-to destination for a quick stay vacation--it's practically in our backyard. 

Not to mention it was still close enough for Hubby to go to work. Poor guy.

Sun rise @ Log Cabin resort on Lake Crescent

Sun rise @ Log Cabin resort on Lake Crescent

As a child I remember my parents would pack up the trailer and off we'd go to Log Cabin Resort. I remember us kids roaming the trails behind the camp ground and laying claim to a beach area for water play.

This summer I convinced my husband it would be the perfect get-away. 

Log Cabin RV spot you want to reserve

Like most campgrounds on the West side of the mountains, Log Cabin's are pretty tight. Getting there on a Wednesday or a Thursday is perfect as there's more room to maneuver your RV. By Friday it's pretty full with vehicles and RV's; so if you have a big diesel pick-up with your RV in tow, you might be challenged to park that baby.

We happened to get slot 7. that spot.

It's big. It's shaded. It just so happens to have a view.

It's also perfect for Marlee. I would take her for her morning and evening walk up the trails behind our spot. Just a few feet and off went her leash. She was in heaven.

I was happy our slide-out wasn't kissing our neighbor's door (Year before we were in slot that was close quarters.). 

Definitely #7 is our Log Cabin spot!

What to do other than hang out by the lake

Sadly I must confess I have lived here 40 some years and I have not ventured too far off highway 101. There are sooo many trails and places to see. We're familiar with Sol Duc Hot Springs. You do need a Discovery Pass to access the road and all it has to offer. Since Hubby had a pass, we decided to take the afternoon to investigate.

Typically we go to the Sol Doc lodge and that's it. This time we drove all the way to the end of the road and contemplated a mini-hike. Warning...if you do not like a lot of people this may not be for you. Limited parking.

We didn't stay too long due to this. On our way back we stopped at different places along the road and hiked along the trails. The river is beautiful, And cold!

Because we had so much fun just checking out the river we decided to find a spot for a picnic the next day.

We found this place off the old Sol Duc highway. We just drove without really knowing what we were looking for. It was hot! When we pulled in and walked a bit to see if we could even get to the river, we looked at each other and smiled. We knew this was the perfect place for our picnic.


The water was deep, clear, and body tingling cold. Marlee was in heaven. Me, who typically is a water hound too, tip-toed around. I tried to find the shallowest cross-over to the log. About as shallow as it got was to my waist. Burr.

The log was a perfect diving platform. Marlee had no problem taking the plunge. Me, I needed a lot of self coaxing. Once I jumped, I practically walked out. It was that cold.

It was the perfect day.

It was also pretty exhausting--all that sitting in the sun and drinking beer is pretty tiring. Good thing our home-away-from-home offered the perfect spot for a quick nap.

after a long day, Log cabin offers perfect spot for a nap in the shade

after a long day, Log cabin offers perfect spot for a nap in the shade

Another stay vacation @ Log Cabin Resort, please!


Tell me all about your perfect stay vacation.


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