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What I learned from my DIY Anthropologie coil rope basket challenge

What I learned from my DIY Anthropologie coil rope basket challenge

Today I want to share what I learned from making three different coil rope storage baskets. With any DIY project you will learn from trial and error. Often I imagine a project looking one way and then, as you begin to make and create, it begins to take a life all its own. This inspired Anthropologie storage basket project was no different.

So go grab yourself something to drink and snack on because there’s a lot of good stuff about to be revealed.

3 DIY inspired Anthropologie coil rope baskets

May and June are a bit hectic here at the Nest. As a middle school teacher, May means end of the year exams, field trips, yearly reflections, classroom organization, etc. June means graduation celebrations. This year I have a nephew and a niece graduating (can you say back-to-back road trips?) as well as our small town graduation. So when Terrie, our host from Decorate and More with Tip reached out and invited me to join this DIY blog hop, I was like (both hands in the air waving back and forth) Yay, this will be so much fun! Immediately following was holy crap, when will I have time? How can I possibly pull this off?

Then magic happened. I saw what our challenge was to be…


Welcome to June’s DIY Challenge Blog Hop: Anthropologie Inspired Coil Rope Basket

I knew what I was going to do. Two birds …

My niece is headed off to University of Montana. Wouldn’t it be fun to give her a basket full of survival goodies? And wouldn’t it be cool if that basket was handmade? Yes and yes!!!

After some quick research and how-to sites I settled on this one on Youtube: DIY Coil Rope Basket which is a quick how-to for making your own coil rope basket. It gave me the basic idea and I felt pretty confident I could pull it off. Umm, that didn’t exactly happen.

With a plan, next was to gather supplies. First I needed some rope. My husband happened to be in town so I sent him a picture I found online at Walmart. Poor guy had just gotten out of minor surgery and wasn’t able to pick it up. This is one way you know you have a good one. He found it on Amazon and ordered me 100’ of rope which you can check out here. Can you believe that? Love this guy!

I happened to have a Dollar Tree bucket that I thought would be perfect for the form. TIP #1: check your supplies before you purchase materials. TIP #2: or don’t and have enough supplies just in case your project goes south. LOL.

Once my hot glue gun was ready, I began to coil the bottom just like the video tutorial directed.

coil rope basket starts at the bottom.jpg

Make sure you are gluing the rope together and not gluing it to the form. Also recommend using clear glue sticks which I didn’t realize mine was white until basket was halfway glued (hand slap to forehead). Tip #3: have a lot of clear hot glue sticks handy. Tip #4: use a tool or thimble to protect fingers from getting burned.

Use a form to make your own coil rope basket

Once the bottom is coiled, flip your form and begin winding and gluing the rope around the form.

tips for how to make a coil rope basket .jpg

Really try hard to keep the glue on the rope and NOT on the form. This will become evident later.

If you are going to use two different types of rope, determine where you will end the first type of cord. Cut the end at an angle and glue. Then cut the other color at an angle and glue where you ended. Follow the same routine of adding glue and coil, glue and coil until you get ready to add the handles.

Tip #5: glue all along the rope as you coil. I only used a bit around each one which left some weak areas and gaps which will also become apparent further in post.

How to add handles to your DIY coil rope basket

I spent a few days imagining how I was going to add the handles. I knew I wasn’t going to do what the video tutorial suggested for one reason: didn’t have the screws they used.

It wasn’t until I was coiling that I figured it out.

Because the Dollar Tree bucket had handles I used that as my stop point. I glued and then left a gap by measuring (my favorite method—eyeballing), then glued the other end. Did that to both sides.

simple way to add handles to DIY coil rope basket.jpg

So far my Anthropologie inspired coil basket is looking pretty good.

DIY coil rope basket with Dollar Tree bucket.jpg

This is where I am getting pretty excited. It looks amazing. I am envisioning stuffing it with some fun college bound survival items for my niece’s graduation gift. Next step is to remove the Dollar Tree bucket that acted as the form.

Easy peasy…right?

And this is where everything comes to a screeching stop.

Isn’t that the way of things. Everything seems to be going exactly as planned until it doesn’t?

Removing the form from your Anthropologie inspired DIY coil rope basket

The video tutorial I watched used a tin form. When they got to this part, it looked as though they just slid the coil basket from the form.

As I was gluing the coils together I did notice that the glue leeched onto the plastic. Perhaps that’s why I ended up with this…

removing plastic form from DIY rope coil basket.jpg

My Dollar Tree bucket was firmly adhered to the jute cord!

You guys…this was awful to try and remove. I had to cut, pull, slice, pull. It was a mess!

And then this happened…

making a coil rope basket pitfalls.jpg

My coiled rope basket pulled apart!

I just kept thinking, I can fix this!

My Norwegian stubborn blood refused to quit.

So I kept working the plastic from the rope while also making sure it remained in two pieces. By the time I finally finished my neck was killing me, the bucket was no longer recognizable and the basket needed some major mending.

Tip #6: don’t use plastic. Or use plastic but prep it to work with the coil rope basket. Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip suggested wax paper between the form and rope.

tips on how to make a coil rope basket.jpg

Very carefully I mended my basket with more glue. FYI, you will need quite a bit of hot glue sticks. Which brings me to my next tip.

Tip #7: to hide the glue as seen in photo above, give the basket a heavy coat of chalk paint. I suppose you could use acrylic if you wanted to. I used black. When the paint dried, I then sealed it with Rust-Oleum’s clear matte chalk paint sealer.

Tips for how to make an Anthropolie inspired coil rope basket.jpg

Much better.

Originally I had planned for this to be a graduation survival kit basket but I was worried once filled, it wouldn’t stay together when lifted. That would be embarrassing.

Instead it became a pretty cool plant container!

Anthropolgy inspired coil rope DIY basket.jpg

Materials Needed for Coil Rope Basket

  • Form of any size (tin preferably)

  • Jute or nylon rope (measure form to determine how much you need)

  • Clear hot glue sticks (at least 1 package)

  • Hot glue gun

  • Clear matte chalk paint sealer

  • Tool to protect fingers from hot glue

  • Scissors to cut rope

But wait…there’s more!

I still needed a graduation gift basket and I had more rope to play with so guess what I did? I made two more versions.

DIY coil rope Anthropologie inspired gift basket #2


This version I used another Dollar Tree item as the base. This time I didn’t plan on removing the form.

To cover the handle I measured it and then doubled the length of the rope. Next cut 3 at the same length and braid. Tip #8: burn the ends of the rope to keep them from fraying. Hot glue the end to the handle then coil around handle. Attach by gluing at a few places. Finish with gluing the end.

Coil the rope around basket by following the same routine as the first basket. Coil 3/4s of the way up and then add another strand of braid.

DIY coil rope basket perfect gift idea.jpg

Here’s what it looks like when it was all finished.

Easy Diy coil rope basket.jpg

Now this is worthy of a graduation survival gift basket!

how to make a coil rope college gift basket.jpg

But I still wasn’t quite done. I kept seeing the original image and wondering if I could somehow recreate a similar version that was also sturdy.

DIY coil rope Anthropologie inspired basket #3

If you love Dollar Tree crafting you most likely have things on hand for this type of DIY project. I happened to have an unused plastic flower pot, a belt I got for a quarter, and more rope I purchased from Walmart a while back…I think. Yeah, not really sure why I have so much of this on hand…whoot-whoot!

This one was the easiest one to put together. Perhaps because third time the charm?

Simple diy coil rope basket to add coastal decor charm.JPG.jpg

The pot was orange so it got a coat of black spray paint both inside and out. I didn’t want orange to pop through any potential gaps in rope.

Once it dried it was time to twine.

This time I didn’t flip the form and that seemed to work really well. I didn’t use as much glue and I was able to get a pretty tight coil. I just kept coiling until I ran out of cord which is why it ended up higher than the lip of the container. See. Sometimes the unplanned is the best plan of all.

Dollar Tree flower pot turned into coil rope basket.jpg

You can still see the glue so here’s Tip # 9. Very carefully take a lighter and slowly move back and forth over the rope. It will create a cleaner looking surface.

To add the handles I measured what I thought would be the right height of a handle and then cut the belt. Make sure to burn the ends to keep the belt from fraying.

Place one end on the side and play around with it a bit until you like what you see. I added E6000 spray glue with a bit of hot glue to the end that would be attached to the container. Yep…more glue. By using the E6000 glue, you strengthen the handles and ensure they won’t fall off when you lift your cute coil rope storage basket.

Make your own coil rope basket the easy way.jpg

There you have it. Pretty awesome mini coil rope basket!

I love this one. Really fits in with my coastal farmhouse home. I’m also envisioning hanging one in the RV for either a plant or odds and ends.

How about we take a look at all three of these DIY Anthropologie inspired baskets…

3 DIY coil rope basket ideas.jpg

DIYing Coil Rope Storage Baskets is Fun!

I began this challenge worried I wouldn’t be able to pull it together. I didn’t know where to start, what to use, or how much time it was going to take. But once you get over that initial doubt you begin the process of mentally creating something.

As a crafter and a DIYer you tend to have a lot of—cough— “crap” around. My treasures really came in handy.

This project was so much fun. I love all three versions!

You can make this too! Hunt around your home and look at what you have. Don’t have rope? How about old t-shirts cut and braided. You’ll be surprised at what you can make and create with the things you already have.


pin this.jpg
Anthropologie Inspired DIY Basket (2).png

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