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Beautiful vintage drop leaf table makeover

Beautiful vintage drop leaf table makeover

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Are you ready for another round of the $100 Room Challenge? One month. One room. One hundred dollars or less. That’s the gist of what this challenge is all about. Well…there’s also a lot of thinking outside of the box. If you haven’t already visited Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry please do. Erin is not only the creator of this challenge but has designed some amazing spaces without spending a fortune.

Week 4.

It was tedious and not so fun.

The job was to give this vintage drop leaf table new life. After this week I realized I do not enjoy sanding.

It’s just about up there with painting the ceiling.

Some chores, like folding clothes, is monotonous but at the same time somewhat enjoyable. Your hands are used to the different movements leaving your mind to wonder. Sanding? Not so much. You start thinking about stenciling your kitchen back splash and whoops…you may have sanded against the grain.

But before I go into the dirty details let’s take a look at this table.

vintage drop leaf table makeover.jpg

$100 Room Challenge: week 4 the vintage drop leaf kitchen table makeover

Long ago I found this round table at an antique shop that I thought would be the perfect dining table. Our eldest had moved out and it was just the three of us. For a hundred bucks I loaded it up in the back seat of our Chevy Malibu and hauled it home.

But it wasn’t meant to be.

Had no place to store our farm style dining room table.

It became my craft table and ultimately ended up looking like this…

before vintage drop leaf table makeover.jpg

Poor baby.

Even though she isn’t pretty on the outside, she’s got good bones.

refinish vintage drop leaf table for $100 room challenge.jpg

She just needs a face lift and a few tucks (one of the table legs is loose).

With 80 grit belt and electric sander, I got to work.

I should mention this is also about the time I started imagining the rest of my kitchen makeover (determined to cross this off our 2019 project goals). Not a good time to loose focus. Especially if you don’t realize that a belt sander needs to be adjusted otherwise the belt slips and you may end up with scratches.

Good thing this is solid wood and I like the shabby chic look.

how to refinish vintage drop leaf table top.jpg

As you can see there were at least 3 layers of paint. But look at what she is revealing!

refinish vintage drop leaf table top.jpg

I finished with 120 grit sand paper using both a sanding block and palm sander.

Before staining the top the legs needed some tlc as well. With some wood glue and a wrench was able to tighten the loose leg.

Then cleaned them up and gave each a light sanding. One more wash and dry and they were ready for a new coat of white satin spray paint.

Once dried I took the palm sander and gently gave the legs a shabby-chic look.

Now the top is ready to be primed, stained, and sealed.

First prep the wood with this pre-stain wood conditioner.

condition wood before staining vintage drop leaf table.jpg

After 15 minutes rub it down with a soft cloth then add one coat of ipswich color stain.

When that dries add polyurethane. We still had the remaining can leftover from last week’s project.

Don’t spray polyurethane if it is raining and the only place that is dry is in the wood shed. The lighting will be horrid and you won’t notice the dust until it’s too late!


Yep, the table isn’t quite done. (hand slap to face)

Now that it has had time to cure, you can really see some of the imperfections. I love the wood. I love how pretty and rustic it looks. All of this means…

More sanding.

More staining.

And this time I will be painting the poly on instead of spraying which is why this week’s cost was $6.78 for an 8 oz can of oil-based indoor polyurethane.

We are so close to the finish line. Can you imagine this space with an updated beautiful drop leaf vintage table? It’s going to seem like there is so much room…I just know it!

$100 room challenge kitchen nook week 2 after picture.jpg

This is what our kitchen nook looked like after week two’s challenge. And here is what we have spent each week thus far.

  • Week 1: The plan: $0

  • Week 2: Window treatments: $18.16

  • Week 3: Rustic bench: $31.98

  • Week 4: Drop leaf table makeover: $6.78 (all the rest of the supplies were free as we already had in stock)

Total: $56.92

Remaining Balance: $43.08

Next week is reveal week. It’s also the one project I am most nervous about. The pendent light! I have never swapped a light out before. In addition I want to add a medallion around the base. Bought two almost a year ago and couldn’t figure out how to mount them over the existing light bases so maybe this will be the perfect opportunity to solve that little project too. Hey, if you have any pointers, I would love to hear them.

Until then I have a table to finish and a daughter to move. It’s going to be a busy weekend. Aye Yai Yai!

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