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Valentine special: 12 affordable ways to say I love you

Valentine special: 12 affordable ways to say I love you

Valentine's Game Day Special

12 affordable ways to say, "I love you!" 

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and, as usual, I feel unprepared. Full disclosure, I am really not a red -n- pink heart, candy kinda gal. Don't get me wrong. I like flowers and chocolate (especially the dark kind), but the idea of Valentine outfit(s), perfume, a Hallmark card, expensive dinner, staged romance...STRESSES me out! 

What!? You don't like romance? What's wrong with you!!??

Oh, I like romance I just suck at figuring out how to pull off all that V-day sugar and spice stuff. But here's the thing. doesn't your partner deserve some sugar and spice? He --or she-- deserves to know how much you appreciate what she --or he-- does for you the other 364 I right?

I've put together 12 ideas to hit your partner in the heart, the stomach, and...ahem...the libido without spending a ton of money doing it.

Are you ready to rock your Valentine?

 First I put together a menu that achieves 3 objectives.

  1. Something that can be made that your partner would find meaningful.

  2. Doesn't cost a ton of money.

  3. Is memorable.

12 Valentine's Day Round-up

I put together a little somethin'-somethin' that I think mine and your Valentine would like and something I could actually pull off. You ready...?

The Gift

What do you think? Now I don't know about you, but most of the time my Valentine gets a card about how much I adore him, etc., etc., etc. But this one would completely surprise him and would really kick-off V-day. 

Thinking this would be a heartfelt surprise. Simple and meaningful. I like it!

Finally a jar full of remember when.... Would be fun to go down memory lane.

remember when in a jar.jpg

The Stomach

This is the one I think would be perfect for a meat lovin' guy and his equally meat lovin' gal.

But if you're looking for a meal plan this might be what you are looking for. Home Made Interest offers two meal plans that look pretty delicious.

What's Valentine's Day without some sugar? Dessert anyone?

While I love me some cheesecake, I don't know that my skill level could pull this off...but it looks heavenly.

This mini-cheesecake looks so yummy. And, not gonna lie, the name of this blog has me hooked. 

Source:  Wine and Glue

Deep dish cookies for two? Um...yes, please! We both love cookies and ice cream so this one could be the winner.

But then there's this slow cooker lava chocolate recipe that speaks my language. Oh, yeah!

The Fun

The gift has been unveiled, stomach is now full, what's next? You can't have V-day without a bit of grown-up fun, right?

How about with some coupons? Coupons? Wait for it...

Source:  Glitter n Spice

Or the one I think would be pretty simple to roll with (pun intended). I'm thinking I would score some major points if we played this game. Set the scene and have a good time.


Heart. Stomach. Libido. Check, check, and check.

Hope one or more of these 12 ideas will inspire you to make this Valentine's Day special and even reminds your partner that you're still full of surprises (wink). 

Here's to rockin' your Valentine's Day!

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