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thrifty indoor herbal garden made from up-cycled vegetable cans

thrifty indoor herbal garden made from up-cycled vegetable cans

Welcome to May's Pinterest Challenge!

This is my third round of the monthly Pinterest Challenge hosted by My Pinterventures. You can see April's candle holders here and March's dry erase blog calendar here.

The purpose of this Pinterest Challenge is to motivate all the participants of this hop (and you too) to not just pin, but to make it happen! This month, I knew I wanted to do something with container gardening. When I was cleaning out the tomato sauce and olive cans it suddenly hit me-- kitchen herb garden!

Immediately I went to my Gardening: In the Kitchen board because I was pretty sure I had pinned some ideas on how to upcycle vegetable cans into pots. Sure enough I had a couple but it is this one I liked the most.

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source: unfortunately link from Pinterest is invalid

source: unfortunately link from Pinterest is invalid

But that wasn't the only picture that inspired me. I also fell pretty hard for Melissa's painted Terra-cotta pot over @browndogvintage  where she added two wooden tags that read hi. 

After finishing cleaning the cans and making sure they were completely dried, I took them out to the wood shed and gave them a couple of coats of Rust-oleum's Satin Vintage Teal.

how to upcycle cans into coastal herb pots.jpg
easily make coastal style herb pots.jpg
how to upcycle metric stick into plant tags.jpg

In between coats I worked on the wooden labels which were made from an old meter stick.

Just cut them about an 1.5 inches (more an eyeball of what I wanted). I used a miter saw. For safety, I anchored the meter stick with another piece of wood; this way my hand remained in the safe zone.

From there I gave the wood squares a couple coats of Waverly's Matte Finish ivory chalk paint. 

Back to the tin cans. After the paint had dried, a simple white-wash treatment was given to them with the same chalk paint used on the wooden squares. But wait...there's more. Before the paint dried I used a paper towel to lightly swipe some of the paint off which gave them this look:

how to paint vegetable cans for a coastal look.jpg

To finish off the herbal labels, placed each in a vice grip and used the cordless drill and bit to drill holes. Also drilled a hole in the can for the jute twine to pass through. 

I wish I knew how to print labels or had a label maker. Instead I hand wrote each of the labels.

farm style kitchen decor that doesn't cost a lot.jpg

To plant your herbs first fill the bottom with some rock or pebbles about a 1/2 inch. This is your drainage...think well for potted plants. Add some potting soil, then your herb and finish by adding more soil. Mine are starts I pulled from the outside garden which is why you see that succulent with the oregano. I've had luck with Basil too.

upcycled vegetable cans into a mini herb garden.jpg

Turning trash into a pretty functional item is pretty awesome. You can read more here if you want to see other ways The Olympic Nest has turned trash to treasure.

start herbs in upcycled vegetable cans.jpg

Oh, and because I was having so much fun with these three cans I decided to make another one. 

upcycled can turned into wedding or anniversary decor idea.jpg

We were so young! 

So many possibilities for reusing/repurposing cans. What have you done to upcycle something?

If you like this Pinterest Challenge, it'd be lovely if you shared. 

start an herbal garden in your kitchen with vegetable cans.png
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Now let's see what other things Pinterest inspired! Head over and visit the other hosts to see what they crafted, cooked, built, or tried!

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