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Small kitchen nook makeover: $100 room challenge

Small kitchen nook makeover: $100 room challenge

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$100 Room Challenge: the Kitchen Nook

A new year and for many it means new resolutions. For me, though, it means it’s time for the $100 Room Challenge. The $100 Room Challenge takes place every January and September. Our host, Erin, from over at Lemons, Lavender and Laundry, created this challenge where we have one month to transform a space for 100 dollars or less.

Last year we transformed our daughter’s room into the guest bedroom which you can see how that went here. It was my first challenge and it was a lot of fun. What I love about this challenge is how it forces you to reimagine stuff you may have lying around such as an old door that was repurposed into a queen sized headboard.

This year I’m tackling our kitchen nook. I have been wanting to tackle our kitchen for years and it even made it onto our 2018’s Project Goals (Sadly it’s still on the list which I explain why and what’s new for this year’s Project Goals here.). I would love to create a space that feels bigger than it is and ties in with the vision I have for the kitchen remodel that will happen this year. The challenge is the fact that it is tiny especially considering we have this large farm style kitchen table meant for a dining room rather than a wee nook.

Here’s a peek at the kitchen nook …

small kitchen dinette 100 room challenge.jpg

The table is a treasure. It was a wedding gift for my grandparents well over 70 years ago. While I love this table, it just doesn’t work in this area as it is too big (boo-hoo).

Here it is with the original chairs that I painted and reupholstered many years ago. You get a sense of the space though, right?

farm style table in small kitchen.jpg

The chairs were eventually replaced with these which you can check out here.

reimagine dining chairs.jpg

So what can $100 dollars get you?

The $100 Kitchen Nook Plan

  1. Bay Windows

    If this is your first visit to The Olympic Nest then you may not know about our months of rain and more rain. Gray is mother natures shade from November to about June. Hence, no curtains on these windows. And while I’m all about natural light, most of the year our view is pretty drab. So the goal here is to dress up the windows and still allow for some natural light. The plan is to DIY some wood cornices and add some sheer panels to each window.

    Materials Needed:

    • boards for wooden cornices (use boards from pallet): $0

    • 1 x 1 boards for cleats (scrap wood pile): $0

    • stain (on hand): $0

    • brush and rags (on hand): $0

    • finishing nails & screws (on hand): $0

    • three 27” curtain rods (use pvc pipes leftover from closet project): $0

    • 3 sheer panels: $15

  2. Table

    The family heirloom is going to be passed down to my son with the agreement if he ever decides he no longer wants it, he will return it to his mama. We have a round wooden table in one of the sheds I plan on making the legs sturdier, sanding, and staining to match the cornices. Next is to DIY a bench under the middle window—one that can be moved as I’m not real keen on things I cannot change (wink). Something like this would be perfect…



Materials Needed:

  • four 16” hairpin table legs for bench: $25

  • four 2 x 4’s (on hand): $0

  • straps to secure 2 x 4’s (check decking materials if no metal use wood): $11 or $0

  • orbital sander

  • stain (on hand): $0

  • brushes and rags (on hand): $0

  • screws to secure table leg and for bench: $0

3. Light Fixture

This one is going to be a tough sell for the hub’s. He’s going to say, “I just switched that for you!” Um, yes you did—ike 3 years ago. If all goes well, most of the budget will be going into a pendent light fixture that I can center over the table (since whoever designed this space had a crazy idea of where the table would be positioned. What were they thinking?!). I envision blown glass as I think that will give the allusion of more space. Will see if I can find anything around the $60 dollar range. If all else fails, may have to DIY a pendent globe like Tasha did over at Kaleidoscope Living which cost her $38 bucks.

Materials needed:

I’m really hoping to swing this and stay under budget. Time is going to be a factor this year as I have taken on more responsibilities and the weather has been especially stormy …Aye Yai Yai.

So stop by each Wednesday of January to check on our progress. Before you leave though, you must check out all the other participants week one goals.

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$100RC Final - Square.jpg
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