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Simple DIY milk crate ottoman you will want to make in one day

Simple DIY milk crate ottoman you will want to make in one day

Turn a Darigold rectangular milk crate into a colorful ottoman

Are you like me where you actually enjoy moving furniture around? I can't explain it..., The simple act of changing the space seems to also change the mood. Sometimes a simple change in the flow has a dramatic affect. Never be afraid of change because it just may give you a completely different viewpoint.

For some odd reason we (maybe I?) have become a collector of furniture. Some is pretty amazing like my big @$$ kitchen table I inherited from my dad. It was his parent's wedding gift and is a good 80+ years-old. Does it fit my kitchen? No...not at all. Can I get rid of it. No!

Stay with me. This leads to the ottoman.

Most, though, are pieces I picked up from yard sales, Walmart, and were given, like our couch. 

center couch in front of living room window.jpg

I love this couch! It's comfortable. And as I--cough--age, I value comfort. She's also a bit of a beast. So finding a place for her is a bit of a challenge in our rectangular living room.

Centered between the window is a new location for her. And while it opened up the space and changed the flow of the room, there really wasn't any room to include the couch ottoman.

Where there is a problem, there is always a solution...

make your own mini-ottoman!

make your own foot stool.jpg

I already had a rectangular milk crate, fabric, and foam from an old twin mattress pad. Just needed to gather some other supplies.

supplies for DIY foot stool.jpg

I quickly discovered the Liquid Nails and tacky glue was NOT going to work. Was too impatient to wait for one side to dry before moving on to the next side. 

Instead I dug through my needles and thread and thought why not anchor the pad by sewing it to the crate?

attach foam with needle and thread.jpg

Did this for a while and quickly discovered the curved needle was a challenge. Use a straight needle for this process. I attached the foam randomly to the crate by tying it to the different cross sections of the crate.

Once the foam was anchored, I then began a similar process with the fabric. Notice the fabric is different? That's because the original swath wasn't big enough. This took about 2 yards of fabric.

attach fabric to stool with curved needle.jpg

I started at the top (the bottom of the crate). Basically followed the same idea I used to do when making a quilt. Start at the top of fabric, thread to the other side, back to the top, and tie off. Then snip so both ends are about the same length. You can see what this looks like in the picture below.

hand sew corners of DIY mini ottoman.jpg

The corners were the most difficult. I'm sure there are a lot of different ways you can cut and fold. I Am Not a Seamstress so please forgive my inadequacies here. I folded until I liked what I saw. Then I took a straight needle and sewed a hidden stitch along the seam.

make your own mini ottoman.jpg

This took one afternoon to make my colorful ottoman. It doesn't take up a huge amount of space.

If I were to make another mini-ottoman (which I might), I would have flipped it so that it would have worked as a storage container too. As for this one, the only thing I have to figure out is how to add some legs. It's a wee bit short so any ideas on how I could do that, would be awesome! Thanks.


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