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How to create a pretty writing center

How to create a pretty writing center

Take your writing materials and make it  part of your home decor

Hello there! Today is all about how to rethink your work space and create a beautiful and functional writing center.

Where do you like to write? Is it at your desk? On your bed? Perhaps in a cozy chair. For me, I like to work on the couch. The problem... it wasn't functional and it was a mess! What was worse was  when I wanted to sip my wine; it was a pain in the arse to reach.  Me being lazy, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to just rest it on top of a book, my planner, or whatever had a hard surface and was within easy reach. You can see where this is going. Not once, but twice I spilled my red wine. So it was time to rethink our living room arrangement.

Here's where the couch used to be located. As you can see, there really wasn't any room on either side to set anything.

living room furniture arrangement

See that room in the left's the catch-all room. Please tell me you have one too!

living room arrangement before writing center.jpg

Here you get an idea of what I am talking about. There is just no room to add a table to the side of the couch. I thought if I swapped out the steamer trunk for the ottoman, that would work. Nope! Nada!

This Saturday the couch was moved center of the window. Moving it here allowed me to move my steamer trunk right next to my favorite seat in the house.

furniture arrangement for rectangular living room.PG

You can read how I made this cute lil' stool from an old twin foam mattress pad, a milk crate, and some fabric here.

create an attractive writing center.jpg

Pretty vignette of everything I need within reach. My planner and journals stored in a vertical file system I found at Ross years ago. Add a lamp and some greenery and you have created a simple yet beautiful writing enough for a cup of coffee or even glass of wine--wink.

repurpose soup cans into rustic pencil and pen containers.jpg

To make these pens, pencils (and on the back side, misc.) storage containers was easy-peasy. Cleaned 3 soup cans and then wrapped each in burlap ribbon. With a stencil and a sharpie, I labeled each one. Last step was to hot-glue them together. Perfect. Now my fav pens are within reach.

writing center decor.jpg

Just in case you forgot what it looked like before...

cluttered couch work center center.jpg

Love when a problem turns into a working solution that also works as home decor. Love when that happens!

How have you turned your work area into a pretty space? 

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