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Rustic Gold Thanksgiving tablescape: DiY Thanksgiving decor on a budget

Rustic Gold Thanksgiving tablescape: DiY Thanksgiving decor on a budget

October’s DIY Challenge: Tablescape Inspiration

Welcome to Terrie’s Decorate and More with Tip DIY Challenge. Each month she gives participants a theme and challenges them to DIY something to fit that theme. This month we’re DIYing something to fit in with our tablescape. I decided to focus on Thanksgiving. I know…it’s only October! What happened to Halloween? Here’s the thing. When it’s November, will you have time to create that something special Thanksgiving tablescape? In this post I share some simple and affordable diy Thanksgiving table decor ideas that can be created to fit anyone’s home decor style.

At the bottom of the post I have shared the rest of the participants DIY blogs for you to enjoy.

How to create your own beautiful tablescape decor.jpg

Envision your Thanksgiving tablescape then take stock of what you already have.

The holiday season is fast approaching. Creating an affordable and beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape was my challenge. I really didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money. Pulling out my fall decor, I remembered I had a quite a bit of the Dollar Tree pumpkins from last year’s project. I knew I could give them new life. In addition I had some cedar rounds my husband had cut for a wedding. They wouldn’t work for chargers but it did inspire a more rustic approach to my Thanksgiving tablescape.

Since our holiday dishes are cream with gold trim and my kitchen table has a dark wood stain, I knew black would help to make the gold pop.

With only a few items on my shopping list, I was pretty sure I could pull this off without spending more than ten dollars.

Let’s get started.

DiY Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece


  • 1 Styrofoam medium sized pumpkin (Dollar Tree)

  • 1 mini Styrofoam pumpkin (Dollar Tree)

  • 1 glass candle holder (Dollar Tree)

  • *1 wood turkey candle holder (Dollar Tree)

  • 1 cedar round (husband cut)

  • chalk paint (color choices up to you)

  • gold acrylic paint (Walmart)

  • Champagne cork

  • old sweater or boot socks

  • Twine

  • burlap ribbon

  • floral wire

  • deer moss (Dollar Tree)

  • ribbon (your choice)

  • floral sprigs (your choice)

  • hot glue and hot glue gun

  • scissors

  • wire cutters

  • paint brushes

*Had to purchase

rustic Diy Thanksgiving table centerpiece from Dollar Tree.jpg

To make the pumpkins all I did was give the orange pumpkin a good coat of white chalkpaint. Once dried, I cut a small opening on the top and the bottom (just like if you were carving a real pumpkin). Since I didn’t have an old sweater that fit the style I was going with, I used an old boot sock. It worked for both pumpkins if you can believe that.

I followed Mama Dares to DIY video to make the mini pumpkin.

mini dollar tree boot sock pumpkin.jpg

For the bigger pumpkin I just glued a champagne cork for the stem then added some faux feathers, a grape leaf, and twine.

Dollar Tree Makeover Roundup Ideas.jpg

For the base I used a glass candle holder I had painted with brown chalk paint and then dry brushed some white chalk paint over the top. Again, you can paint yours any color to fit your home decor which is what makes these diy Thanksgiving ideas so much fun.

diy sweater diy pumpkin.jpg

Dollar Tree wood turkey candle holder makeover

This is another Dollar Tree find. To give it some rustic charm all you need is some black chalk paint and gold acrylic paint.


Begin by dry brusing the black chalk paint across the wood. I wanted the light colored wood to show so I made sure to lightly brush the paint on. Along the edges, I gave it a bit more paint.

Without letting it dry, I applied the gold acrylic paint the same way. Then I found an old candle stick and hot glued it to the bottom. The deer moss was added for filler. To finish the look, I took some orange flannel ribbon I had on stock, cut it to look like a scarf, and then added it to his neck with a twist. How easy is that?

DIY+Thanksgiving+tablescape+from the dollar tree.jpg

Add textual elements to your Thanksgiving table

This was super easy. Remember how the cedar rounds inspired my rustic tablescape? Here it is.

All I did was take some black chalk paint and followed the outer edge outline of the cedar rings. Because the cedar is so pour-us, I poured the paint onto the wood before spreading it outwards.

Few notes on this. This round has been inside for a few months. I did not bleach it to clean as this was a freshly cut round so bugs didn’t have a chance to burrow like they do when the rounds sit outside. However, I did take a brush to clean the sawdust off of it.

See that crack? The drier the wood gets, the bigger the crack will get. Likewise, when the weather cools, the crack retracts. Cedar does that. You can seal it with polyurethane or even epoxy if you want, but for this decor project, I decided against that.


Black and Gold Thanksgiving Tableware Decor


  • *4 gold plastic charger plates (Dollar Tree)

  • Black spray paint (flat, matte, or chalk paint)

  • ribbon (Dollar Tree)

  • fabric (choose to fit your decor)

  • napkin holders

  • linen napkins

  • fine tip Sharpie pen

  • twine (natural and cream color)

  • *wood pumpkin stickers (Dollar Tree)

  • Hot glue and glue gun

Simple and affordable diy Thanksgiving tablescape decor to fit any home style.jpg

For the chargers I used Kyrlon’s chalk paint that I had on hand. The first coat should be light. Once dried give it another. I actually gave it 3 coats of paint. Let dry overnight before you actually put your plates on top.

simple Thanksgiving tablescape diy decor that is cheap.jpg

I really wanted to personalize the settings and loved the messages thankful and grateful.

add a signed grateful ribbon to your Thanksgiving tablescape decor.jpg

To begin measure the ribbon to fit under each side of the plate and cut. Place your ribbon on the plate then place your napkin where you want it. This will give you an idea of how much space you will need to write your message.

To write the message, I Googled the word + font and then used that to help me write in the script I liked.

How to make no-sew silver ware holder for your Thanksgiving tablescape

diy burlap Thanksgiving tablescape silverware holder.jpg

If you have pretty blah silverware, like I do, then give them some pizzaz with a diy silverware holder.

All I did was used my silverware as a guide to get an idea for the height and the width then cut my scrap fabric. Yep, no exact measuring involved in this project.

Once you have your scrap piece, the next thing you do is fold each edge over (little less than a 1/4 inch) and hot glue it. This will create a faux sewed edge. Do this for each side.

Next fold the left side to the right side. Glue the bottom and the right side edge.

Take some twine and wrap it around your pocket. Gently tie then hot glue your decal to the center of the bow.

Add your boring silverware and proudly set next to your table setting.


Simple diy rustic Thanksgiving tablescape

Finally put it all together. I began with the centerpiece and then worked from there.

Whether you are having Thanksgiving for many or just a small gathering, you can create a beautiful tablescape that brings everyone joy without spending a small fortune.

Create a beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape on a budget.jpg
Black and gold DIY Thanksgiving setting.jpg
Rustic Diy Thanksgiving tablescape for four.jpg

This Thanksgiving DiY tablescape cost me a whopping six dollars. The important thing is to begin with what you already have. Most likely your inventory fits in with your decor style which will save you money. Another tip is to read and watch videos on what other crafters are doing to upcycle or makeover everyday items.

Hope this inspires you to create a tablescape that fits your home decor style as well as your pocket book.

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