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How to make cheerful Easter decor basket for only $10

How to make cheerful Easter decor basket for only $10

Dollar Tree Easter decor DiY entryway or center piece basket

Ever since I came across Katie's post on How to Easily Get the Farmhouse Look with Dollar Tree Items I've been inspired to look at Dollar Tree items in a whole new way. Take this one I made for only six dollars here. My last trip to the Dollar Tree was to check out the garden section and to see about getting some baskets. No thoughts of Easter was planned. That's when I happened by two young women on the hunt for Easter basket stuff for their children. The baskets they were holding were adorable and I before I knew it, I was imagining a spring basket to hang on our front door. 

Easter is one of those holiday's that sneak up on me, especially now that the kids' are adults. So when it comes to decorating, I want something that is quick, easy, colorful and something that won't take up a ton of storage space. 

If I can do all of that and not spend a small fortune, then I'm all in, hence The Dollar Tree miracle.

easy diy Easter basket center piece.jpg

The garden section was forgotten and I soon was at the checkout with my 10 items. I envisioned a bright and cheery Easter basket to welcome guests as they walked up to the front door.

It wasn't until the basket was finished I saw it in a new way.

So let's get started on how you can quickly make this Easter decor basket.

Dollar Tree Materials:

  • 1 basket

  • 1 lace ribbon

  • 2 bunches of lilies

  • 3 bunches of flowers with sparkling egg

  • 1 package floral foam

  • 1 package brown floral moss

  • 1 large sparkly egg

Other Items Used:

  • scissors

  • wire cutters

  • ribbon

dollar tree easter basket decor supplies.jpg
cut stems with wire cutter.jpg

Step 1: cut the flower stems from the stalk.

make your own easter basket decor.jpg

Step 2: remove ribbon and use to measure replacement ribbon. Then weave in lace ribbon and tie just like you would shoe laces.

Step 3: place foam pieces on the bottom of basket which I later took out when I was figuring where I wanted the basket to hang from the front door.

Step 4: figure out where you want the basket to hang from door hook. I had to play around with this step as I wasn't entirely sure whether I wanted the ribbon to show or not and how I wanted to string the ribbon.

how to make an Easter door basket.jpg

Step 5: arrange the flower stems. I started in the middle and worked my way outward filling in the holes as I went with the different flowers.

Step 6: add the floral moss so that it fills the edges and camouflages the foam blocks.

diy dollar tree easter basket.jpg

Step 7: tuck in the large egg. I just set the egg on top and played around with the flowers and moss so that it was somewhat resting. I suppose you could add a bamboo rod to the egg and then secure it to the foam.

Now your basket is ready to be hung or placed on your table.

Welcome guests and Happy Easter...

Spring Dollar Tree door decor.jpg
welcome easter door wreath.jpg

Or brighten up your dining table with your cheery Easter basket.

simple Easter table center piece.jpg
Simple and affordable Easter Decor.jpg
easy diy Easter basket center piece.jpg
Dollar Tree Easter center piece hack.jpg

This was such a quick and easy spring decor project that you could throw together just in time for Easter. And when the guests leave and Easter celebration is over, simply replace the eggs with some tulips or other spring flowers.

Or store the floral arrangement and then up-cycle this basket for some other purpose. Hmm, perhaps hang it by the back door and store sunscreen, bug spray, chap stick, and some shades...summer is coming and the beach will be calling.

But to the here-and-now, I like how this small, cheap Easter decor basket added such a pop of color to a mostly blue and grey home. If you like, be sure to Pin It for later.

Thanks for stopping by.


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