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Need more storage in small kitchen? Easy DiY over the stove shelf

Need more storage in small kitchen? Easy DiY over the stove shelf

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Do you struggle with where to store everything in your small kitchen? When counter space is limited and cupboard space is already filled, where do you store your cooking oils and vinegar? It’s a struggle. I get it; I really do.

For the last few years I have been honing my kitchen storage and organization skills. What I don’t use, like ever, I donated to Goodwill. Slowly I have weeded down what is essential to our kitchen needs. I have also learned that the space above the stove vent—you know the one where you thought the spices should go but then learn the heat and humidity from the steam ruins them space, yeah that one—is perfect for pie plates and the stock pan.

In this post I share how I solved the dilemma of where to store our oils. It is unbelievably simple…really! And if you have some scrap wood lying about, then this project is just waiting for you.

Welcome to July’s Pinterest Challenge where I show you how to easily build an over the stove storage shelf

Each month crafters, bakers, chefs, diyers get together to share a pin that inspired them to turn it into reality. Erlene from My Pinteradventures is the talented lady who came up with this idea. At the bottom of this post you can check out each participants pinspirations.

Last month I created a painter’s storage shelf for my daughter and in May I added a farmhouse faux enamel storage tub to hold our kitchen soaps in. Of course, if you want to see all of the Pinterest Challenge’s collection click here and scroll down just a bit.

Adding extra storage to a small kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive

Let’s get started shall we?

Here’s what my above the stove area looked like before I added the shelf.

How to add extra storage in a small kitchen scrap wood over the stove shelf diy.jpg

A quick Google search turned up several over the stove storage shelf ideas. You can buy one on Etsy for $32 dollars or get a magnetic steal instant range top shelf for $49.95. Either way that was too much for me when I knew I could make one myself.

I happened to have already pinned my inspiration. It comes from Over the Big Moon post “DIY Oil and Vinegar Shelf.” She used 2x4s rather than my 1x2 boards which I will talk about the pros/cons of this later.

The first thing I did was measure the top of the stove, left to right. Then I went out to our scrap wood stock pile and dug around for some wood.

Anyone who DIYs has a pile or two of scrap wood. It’s a thing. I hate to get rid of any piece because I know there is something that can be created from it.

Anyhoo…after digging around I found a furring strip board that was long enough to cover the above the stove storage shelf project.

scrap wood project idea add extra storage to small kitchen with an over the stove shelf.jpg

With the measurement for the top board I went ahead and marked and cut it using our miter saw.

Then I placed the board across the top of the stove and double checked that this would work for our oils. It did!

Next measure the distance from the inside of the board you just cut to the counter. Mark and cut two boards.

Again, before you attach, place underneath the top cut board and see if your cuts are accurate. It’s much easier to make corrections at this stage then when your shelf is all put together.

To attach all I did was use a bit of wood glue to the top-end board (say the right-side) then aligned the top board so that the corners were even. A tri-square comes in handy right about now. This helps determine whether or not your angle is square or not. Another tip to help keep the ends together is to use a C-clamp to hold the two boards together (because my shelf wasn’t very big, I found I didn’t need to use a C-clamp).

Once it’s square, take your nail gun and add a couple of nails. You can also use a hammer and finishing nails.

The next images shows the completed shelf. It was so easy to build that before I knew it I had it painted and sealed.

You get the gist of how to put it together I hope.

scrap wood over the diy stove shelf.jpg

I painted mine with black chalk paint then sealed it with clear wax. Matched our stove perfectly.

Simple diy over the stove shelf to add extra storage to a small kitchen.jpg

Remember when I said there were pros and cons to using the furring strips? You see that dip in the middle? That’s the con of using 1x2 furring strip board. The pros is that if you didn’t have scrap wood lying about, purchasing one board is just over a buck. So there’s that.

And considering the space our oil containers took up on the counter, I can live with a wee bit of a dip.

easily add extra storage to a small kitchen with this diy over the stove tutorial.jpg

There you have it. In one afternoon you can solve that counter mayhem of oils, spices and vinegar.

I should probably note that there are some who would be worried about storing the oils here. Heat and all that. It works for us because of the type of stove top we have. It isn’t gas so no open flame, phew. It’s also a glass top so we really don’t have the spatter issues we did with our last electric stove. In addition, the face (Is that what it’s called?) is pretty tall. So this is working for us.

As always, this site offers ideas and inspiration and is not, by any means, claiming expert advice.

Here’s the break down of the materials used.


All materials were already on hand

  • 1x2 furring strip board or 2x4

  • Miter saw (could use circular saw or even a hand saw)

  • sand paper & mask

  • wood glue

  • finishing nails 1 1/2 in

  • hammer

  • paint brush

  • black chalk paint

  • wax or Matte clear chalk sealer

Scrap wood adds storage to small kitchen.png

Before you check out what everyone else has made and created, please share away…because you know that sharing is caring and I’m all about that feeling.

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