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Military foot locker makeover turned farmhouse style trunk

Military foot locker makeover turned farmhouse style trunk

August Pinterest Challenge: military foot locker fixer upper

Summer is moving right along. Already August and I'm wondering where the heck our time to relax, play, and refresh went? I missed July's Pinterest Challenge but am back for August's. The purpose of this Pinterest Challenge is to motivate all the participants of this hop (and you too) to not just pin, but to make it happen! This month, I chose to makeover an old olive green military footlocker. My pinspiration came from Angie over at Knick of Time (She has some fun vintage projects that I couldn't help but get lost in and now want to make a few.).

Have you ever been inspired where you are fully immersed you completely forget to take any before pictures? Yep, that was me. ISorry about that. This is pretty much what my military foot locker looked like. The end handles are different though.

Source link  here

Source link here

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Our school has a surplus of these military lockers and I was lucky enough to get one. Do I need another piece of furniture? Nope. Do I really have a place for it? Nope. But I couldn't resist giving this gem new life.

My military foot locker had sharpie labels all over it. It used to store football gear and who knows what else. Funny story. When I brought it home and showed my husband he got this quizzical look on his face. 

"I'm pretty sure I wrote that," he said. 

Sure enough it was his hand writing that had scribbled football across the top and sides. Crazy, right?!

The makeover was pretty simple. I did have to purchase 4 cast iron caster wheels which I got at Home Depot for $4.30 each. Everything else I had for this project.

Here's what it looks like on the inside. Kind of cool that it includes a storage tray. This is the color it used to be. Good ol' olive green.

The first thing I did was cleaned it with warm soapy water. Once it dried, I gave it 2 coats of Kilz primer.

Then I used Linen White Rust-Oleum chalk paint and gave it two coats. The next day (you want the chalk paint to cure to the surface) I stenciled the Love image with my stencil brush and Waverly Ink chalk paint in a matte finish. 

military foot locker simple makeover.jpg

Stenciling seems so easy yet there does seem to be a learning curve. I tacked it down with painters tape but still had to use my fingers to hold down parts of the stencil especially around the arrow tips and bottoms. Once I pulled the stencil off, had to use a small fine-tipped brush to touch up where the Ink chalk paint bled. 

military foot locker makeover.jpg

The next phase was to give the foot locker a weathered look. I chose Varathane's Sunbleached wood stain (because that's what I had, wink) and an old t-shirt. Just dip a small piece of the shirt into your stain and wipe on the stain. With another cut piece of the t-shirt, wipe off the stain. Continue this process until you get the look you want.

simple military footlocker makeover.jpg

Let the stain dry over night before you add the caster wheels. Flip foot locker over and place caster wheels the same distance from each of the four corners. See the metal corner trim? I used these to determine where each wheel was going to go. I know. Not technical at all!

beautiful military foot locker makeover .jpg

That's it! Instead of a dusty olive green military foot locker turned school storage container, we now have a cute farm house trunk.

Now to decide where to place it. The guest/craft room?

how to transform an old military footlocker.jpg

Or here in the living room? Decisions, decisions.

easy steps to makeover military foot locker.jpg

Material List:

  • Kilz primer

  • Linen White Rust-Oleum chalk paint

  • 8 oz Sunbleached Varathane Wood Stain

  • paint brushes (my favorite is Wooster pro)

  • small stencil brush

  • LOVE stencil (Walmart)

  • Ink Waverly chalk matte finish paint

  • rags (used an old cotton t-shirt)

  • short screws (16)

  • 4 Cast Iron Caster wheels

  • electric screw driver or hand held driver

how to makeover an old military foot locker.jpg

This was such a fun project. Anyone could makeover an old footlocker or trunk. What's even better is that it only cost me $16.90--eh, 17 bucks.

Would love to hear what you think and for you to share with others.

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