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DIY Kitchen Cart to Bar Cart Makeover

DIY Kitchen Cart to Bar Cart Makeover

Kitchen cart makeover that didn't cost anything but time.

A small kitchen cart on wheels finally find its purpose in life--from microwave storage cart to bar cart. I'm finally happy with this tale.

I have always wanted a kitchen island. We found this brand new one at a yard sale for only twenty dollars. Score!

We brought it home and put it all together. It was small and it had wheels so I thought it would be perfect. Sadly I realized it wasn't going to work as an island. One, our kitchen is small and narrow. Two, when two people are in the kitchen making a mess, that space gets even smaller. 

So I ended up tucking it at the end of the counter. Sorry the picture doesn't really give you a good view. This was when we finished the floor.

microwave cart before it gets made over and repurposed

What you don't see is on the opposite side of the sink area is the refrigerator. Add a small island and you really have no room to open the fridge. 

The cart functioned as a microwave cart, baking utensil storage, and basket full of stuff. Of course my wine was also stored on the cart. 

When I moved our heirloom farm table back into the kitchen, space was even tighter. I needed some inspiration as to what to do with this cart.

One of my favorite DIY blogger's is Jenny Lefevor over at Rain on a Tin Roof. One of her posts was about giving life to a vintage cart and I knew what I wanted to do.

kitchen cart surface before makeover

Once the hardware was removed and the surfaced had been cleaned, I painted the top with the same green home-made chalk paint I used on the master bath vanity. When it dried I used frog tape to create the striped pattern. I also taped off sections on the legs (I later share why I changed that). 

Easy DIY striped pattern gives kitchen cart character

I also painted the inside of the drawer the same color as the stripes. I thought it would be a nice touch to tie the two together.

Paint the inside of kitchen cart drawer

Next I mixed up some home-made white satin chalk paint which is about 2 Tbl. Plaster of Paris, 1 Tbl. water and then mix in the paint until you get desired thickness.

I chose the white because I had painted the farm house table legs white; not to mention, I'm really workin' to brighten up my home.

I painted everything else white. I lightly sanded the first coat and then gave it another coat of white chalk paint. 

DIY kitchen cart is prepped for chalk paint

Once the second coat was almost dried, I removed the tape and touched up as needed. When it was entirely dried I rubbed some Min-Wax on it.

The last thing I did was reattach the hardware.

DIY kitchen cart makeover

For the most part this was what I had envisioned. However, I didn't care for the wood blocks on the legs. Instead of doing anything about it then, I lived with it for a good year--just to see if it would grow on me.

On a rainy weekend I took my wine cart all the way to a full on bar. 

DIY kitchen cart to bar cart

As you can see the wood blocks didn't take. The bottom received a couple coats of semi-gloss black. I have a bunch of unused picture frames so I took one of the glasses and set it on top of the black paint. 

These are the pretty bottles of booze. I'm thinking a seasonal display of what we like to mix up would work best or maybe just the good stuff. 

Repurposed kitchen cart to bar cart

Finally, the last detail finds a home. This last Christmas we were given this cool bottle opener. It has been put away because I couldn't figure out where I wanted it. It wasn't until I stumbled upon Homeroad's post "Ikea Cart Re-Make" that I figured it out. Thank you, Susan, for the inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed my kitchen cart transformation. Cheers.

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