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How to upcycle barrel rings into a rustic garden orb

How to upcycle barrel rings into a rustic garden orb

Make your own garden sphere without spending a lot of money!

It's that time of year. Spring. Time to get out in the garden. Weed. Plant some seed. Uncover the patio furniture.... Why not add some DIY metal garden orbs to the list?

Spring is busy. It can also be expensive when you start adding up the annuals, soil additives, fertilizers, lawn seed, vegetables, and all those little outdoor needs that have to be replaced or repaired.

So when you can save a few bucks (in this case about 90+ bucks) that's a sweet deal.

Making your own garden art is definitely the way to go. Bonus, this one is a super easy; I am not kidding. Full disclosure...needed Hubby's vision to see just how easy this was.

Several years ago I found 3 barrel rings at an estate sale. They practically gave them away for a buck. At the time I thought they'd make perfect molds for stepping stones. In fact I even made a few and let me tell you, they were monster stones. Phew, were they heavy.

After that those rings hung from a tree branch for a couple of years. Waiting. Waiting for new life. 

As a Pinterest junkie, I knew I had pinned something about garden orbs as well as decorative orbs and chandelier orbs. But do you think I could find the one I was looking for when I wanted it!? 

Which is when I came across this one:



But I was not about to pay $95!

Seems pretty simple to make, right? I think so too.

I grabbed my 3 rings and began to piece it together thinking wire would hold them together. Got one end all wired up and flipped it only to have the rings slip from position. 

No worries. Would just tighten the wire. So I kept at it.

Which is about the time I heard my sweet angel.

"Hey, you want me to screw that together for you?"

Screws!? Of course! (Hand slap to forehead).

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how to make a garden orb from barrel rings.jpg

He used  the cordless driver and a small drill bit to first drill holes for the screws. Then he added a bolt, washer, and nut to secure the 3 rings together.

how to make a garden metal orb.jpg

It took all of 5 minutes to complete.

Thank you, Hubby!

rustic diy garden metal orb.jpg

Now my rings aren't exactly perfect. In fact one of the rings was a bit narrower than the other two.

simple diy garden orb from barrel rings.jpg

And the sphere isn't exact.

But for a little over a buck to make, I'm not complaining.

And as much as it rains here, the silver screws and nuts will soon be the same color as the orb.

simple diy garden orb.jpg

Yep, these once upon a time barrel rings have been given new life. I'm happy we found a way to reuse rather than throw away.

make your own garden orb.jpg

Now I just have to find a forever home for it in the garden. Stick around and you will discover the irony in that statement. LOL.

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add some rustic charm to your garden with diy metal orb.jpg

What's your favorite up-cycling project? Leave me a comment. And if ya like, would love a share or two. 

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