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How to make a thrifty farm style headboard

How to make a thrifty farm style headboard

Make a headboard with a door and some Allure flooring

For years this queen has gone without a crown. She dominated her realm nevertheless. Finally the day came where she was given a crown only a country gal would love.

bedroom without headboard.jpg

I first visualized attaching a headboard to the a picture. But I like to change things up and knew more holes in the wall would just cause more problems. 

A few years ago we removed (ok, I removed) the French doors (lol, nothing French about them) from the den. One of them was painted and up-cycled as a desk in the craft room which was later removed when we added a full size bed to the room.

With the door, some leftover Allure flooring from our master bath makeover, and extra trim boards, I was pretty determined I could make a headboard.

make a headboard with a door and laminate flooring .jpg

This is what the headboard looked like before being primed and painted. It actually looks pretty good from this viewpoint.  You can't even tell the flooring is actually a beach worn grey color.

At this stage the frame was primed then painted white and looked like this...

diy farm style headboard.jpg

Which looks pretty good, much white and I wanted the headboard to pop a bit more. After getting some feedback from my FB friends (thanks, guys), I dug around my paint collection and found the charcoal grey door and trim paint and some grey stain.

dark boarder diy headboard.jpg

While this picture doesn't really show the grey stain, the trim really makes it pop.

The queen is now happy. Hip-hip-hooray!

Here's the basic steps I took to make this headboard:

  1. Measure the width and height of your bed

  2. Mark your door according to the width you want

  3. Cut using a circular saw

  4. Glue and lay your first piece of flooring (I started at the top-left corner)

  5. Measure and mark your next piece of flooring

  6. Use cutting board, straight edge and box cutter to cut flooring

  7. Glue the back of flooring piece and fit to first piece of flooring

  8. Repeat steps 4-6 until the door is covered

  9. Add weight (I used books) to top and let sit overnight

Allure flooring repurposed to headboard.JPG

Time to build a free standing frame. 

  1. Measure the height of your bed

  2. Measure and mark 2x4s longer than the height of the bed

  3. Once boards are cut, make a mark on each board to mark height of the bed

  4. When you know apx. distance you want your boards, measure and then cut one more 2x4 (I used scrap pieces)

  5. Attach the frame using deck screws just long enough to anchor

make a frame for headboard.JPG
headboard frame attached.JPG

With the frame on, next up is the boarder. I used the remaining furring strips from my bedroom $100 Room Challenge which you can read about here.

  1. Measure and cut the 1x2x4 furring strips for the ends of the headboard

  2. Lay pieces down and measure between for the top and bottom boards

  3. Attach boards with 2" finishing nails. If hollow door like mine, make sure you hit the frame and not the core

  4. Rather than beginning with end pieces for the 1x2x2 strips, I measure the top (I didn't add one on the bottom because the bed covered it.)

  5. Measure and cut your top piece

  6. Use 2" nails to attach

diy headboard before paint.JPG

Now fill in the cracks.

  1. Use the wood filler for the Allure flooring seams. You could also use to fill in the major gaps if you have any.

  2. Caulk all the boarder seams.

  3. When wood filler is dry, sand with either fine grit sand paper, steel wool, or use an electric sander with fine grit paper (that's what I used and it worked like a fast).

Headboard is now ready to be primed and painted. 

This was my first headboard and I'm happy to say I didn't have to refer to Hubby to help me out. High-five, me. 

make your own headboard.JPG

Materials Needed (all of which I had on hand)

  • 1 door

  • 7-9 laminate floor strips (I had leftover Allure flooring from Home Depot)

  • 2x4

  • 2 1x2x8 furring strips

  • 2 1x4x8 furring strips

  • wood filler

  • latex caulk

  • Hard as Nails glue and dispenser

  • deck screws

  • 2" finishing nails

  • sandpaper or steel wool

  • primer

  • paint brushes

  • paint (I used Glidden white paint and charcoal grey door and trim paint)

  • light grey stain

Tools Used

  • Miter saw

  • Circular saw

  • tape measure

  • box cutting knife

  • straight edge

  • large cutting board

  • hammer

  • electric sander (optional)

how to make a headboard without spending money.png


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