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How to make a driftwood sunburst mirror for less then ten dollars

How to make a driftwood sunburst mirror for less then ten dollars

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Do you love the look of sunburst mirror’s but don’t like the price tag? I’m right there with you. Today’s post is all about how to make your own beautiful driftwood sunburst mirror for the fraction of the cost.

Welcome to July’s monthly DIY challenge: make your own sunburst mirror

Each month Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip challenges us to think outside of the box to create our own version of a DIY project. Let me just take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy this group. Terrie has found a group of bloggers who all find joy creating a home they love. Each one of us has a different style which is what makes this challenge so unique. There is something here for anyone who has a passion for DIYing.

Last month Terrie challenged us to make a three stacked book decor. This month we were challenged to make a sunburst mirror. It could be any size or shape. Be sure to check out each of the sunburst mirror’s at the end of this post!

At first I had no idea what I was going to do. I mean, I have mirrors all over the place. Did I really need another mirror?

Then I began to think how I could possibly give one of them a face lift.

So a little inspiration was needed which is when I became shocked at some of the price tags to buy a sunburst mirror. Like this one from Houzz that is asking $650 for a driftwood sunburst mirror.

I knew I could make my own version and not spend near that kind of money. I also knew I didn’t have a lot of time due to the fact I am also in the middle of an RV makeover.

Save money and make your own beautiful sunburst mirror

how to make your own sunburst mirror #diy #homedecor #sunburstmirror (1).png

To save time I ended up purchasing a Dollar Tree round mirror. What I have for mirrors would have required a lot more glue, wood, and time.

Next I went beach combing and collected different sizes and shapes of driftwood. Confession, I live within miles of the beach and this was the first time I’ve been beach combing in years. Sad, I know.

collect driftwood to make a cheap sunburst mirror.jpg

I ended up with more than enough driftwood to make a sunburst mirror. No worries though. Just means I get to make more fun driftwood inspired projects.

make your own natural beach wood sunburst mirror.jpg

As a diyer/crafter I have quite the inventory of glue, paint, cord, brushes, etc. This means that I didn’t need anything except for the mirror. Whoot-whoot! But I know that you may not have everything, so I listed the materials I used. You can find most of these items at the Dollar Tree or even Walmart.

Materials Needed

  • Dollar Tree mirror (or any mirror really)

  • Driftwood in different sizes and shapes

  • jigsaw table or hand saw

  • Gorilla glue or glue gun with clear glue sticks that adheres to wood

  • damp cloth

  • chalk paint

  • paint brush

  • Jute cord or rope (Dollar Tree)

  • rope, ribbon, or wire (for the “hook”)

supplies needed to make your own driftwood sunburst mirror.jpg

Step-by-step for how to make your own driftwood sunburst mirror

Step 1: Let your driftwood pieces completely dry then clean.

Step 2: Separate driftwood into similar shapes and sizes

how to make a sunburst mirror with driftwood.jpg

Step 3: To get a sense of how you will create your sunburst mirror, lay some pieces out like I did below. Not only will this help you visualize how it will look, but also it will give you an idea of how to start your pieces.

how to make an affordable sunburst mirror with driftwood.jpg

Step 4: Flip your Dollar Tree mirror and begin gluing the pieces onto the back— just like how you laid out your test pieces. Before you glue, it works better if you dampen the driftwood. TIP: I found the hot glue worked better than the Gorilla glue as it dried faster.

Affordable diy driftwood sunburst mirror.jpg

Step 5: Add another layer of pieces and continue this until you like what you see.

how to make a driftwood sunburst mirror.jpg

Step 6: Paint the Dollar Tree mirror frame. I painted mine white with Rust-oleum’s chalk paint but you could choose any color to fit your home style. It took 2 coats and some touch-ups.

easy diy driftwood sunburst mirror.jpg

Step 7: Add a driftwood boarder with pieces that are a bit flatter than round. For this step I used a small jigsaw table. It’s a beast but I love it! If you don’t have a jigsaw table you could cut your pieces with a handsaw. Cut at different small lengths. Remember to wear protective eye gear and follow safety rules when cutting each piece.

diy driftwood sunburst mirror tutorial.jpg

Step 8: Glue the flat edge of your cut driftwood facing the mirror’s frame. Continue all the way around the mirror. Add additional pieces anywhere you feel is needed.

how to make your own driftwood sunburst mirror from the dollar tree .jpg

Step 9: Cut your jute rope to fit inside the perimeter of mirror. Then hot glue to the plastic frame. I did take a lighter to the rope to remove all of the loose fibers.

how to make your own driftwood sunburst mirror.jpg

Step 10: Decide where you want to place the hook. Cut your ribbon, wire, or rope to size. Glue into position. TIP: I used two types of glue. The first was E6000 because I wanted to ensure the rope would stay. The second was the hot glue to get the rope to stick quickly. I also used more hot glue over the top of the ends. Basically, don’t be afraid to use a lot of glue. If your mirror is a lot bigger and heavier, consider using brad nails.

how to add a hook to your diy driftwood sunburst mirror.jpg

Step 11: Once dried, all that is left is to find a place to display your amazing driftwood sunburst mirror.

DIY driftwood sunburst mirror.jpg

It turned out better than I imagined and it works perfectly with my coastal farmhouse home style.

Making your own sunburst mirror is fun and super affordable. Because I had everything on hand, except for the mirror, it only cost me a dollar. Get out! One dollar!? Wouldn’t lie to ya. Pretty frugal diy decor, right?

beautiful diy driftwood sunburst mirror.jpg

But if you like this look but don’t have the time or the supplies, you can find something similar here for $97.99 or at Wayfair for $115.99 here.

With the right materials you can make your own sunburst mirror. Make sure you pin to your DIY Pinterest board for when you are ready to make your own home decor project.

how to make your own sunburst mirror for less than $10png

If you like what we are doing here at K’s Olympic Nest, be sure to hook up with me…

Don’t forget to check out all the rest of the DIY sunburst mirrors created this month.

Thanks so much!


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