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How to easily upgrade a kitchen window: diy farmhouse trim for less than $10

How to easily upgrade a kitchen window: diy farmhouse trim for less than $10

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One of the easiest and most affordable ways to upgrade a room is to replace that builder grade window trim with some customized farmhouse trim. We live in a 2001 manufactured home and every single window and door has the basic 1 inch trim work.

For less than ten dollars we were able to give our kitchen some coastal farmhouse character just with window trim. This post shows you how. In addition it includes an estimated cost break down to help you budget your own window trim upgrade. I also included a step-by-step tutorial reference for your convenience.

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Kitchen budget makeover phase 4: add farmhouse style trim to kitchen window

If you have been following our extreme budget kitchen makeover you know that we have thus far: extended a cabinet to the ceiling, painted and added new hinges and hardware to the cabinets, and added board and batten to the kitchen peninsula for less than two hundred dollars! Check out each phase below…

Next on the list: add farmhouse trim to the kitchen window. I knew this would really add to our coastal farmhouse style kitchen and move our house away from the typical manufactured home look.

Here’s the before…

before and after a diy farmstyle window trim.jpg

Materials needed

  • *2 > 1x3x6 Furring strip board @ $1.48 ea

  • *2 > 1x2x6 furring strip board @ .98 cents ea

  • *2> 3/8 in. x 3/8 in. x 48 in. Basswood Quarter Round Tinytrim Moulding @ $1.84 ea

  • 1 > DAP Alex Plus 10.1 oz. White Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone @ $2.38 ea

  • caulking gun

  • finishing nails & hammer

  • chisel

  • ALL PURPOSE 1 qt. White Interior/Exterior Multi-Surface Primer, Sealer, and Stain Blocker @$8.67

  • Interior satin enamel paint (I used Clark+Kensington Designer White from our cabinet makeover)

  • paint brush (my favorite: Wooster Softip 2 in. Angle Sash Brush @ 4.94 ea)

  • miter saw or a type of saw to cut your boards and corner trim

How to add farmhouse charm to your kitchen window

Step 1: remove the old trim. I used a hammer and a chisel.

how to add farmhouse window trim to upgrade manufactured home.jpg

Step 2: measure the left side top to bottom of your window. Note the measurement on a piece of paper or device for later reference. Then measure, mark and cut your 1x3 furring strip board. Attach trim board with some finishing nails. I used our nail gun. Repeat process on the right side.

Step 3: measure the top from the outside edge of your trim boards (note this measurement for step 4). Add two inches. Measure, mark and cut your 1x2 furring strip. From the end of your 1x2 measure 1 inch and make a mark. This is what you will use to align this piece to your outside trim boards. Place this on top of your outside window trim boards as seen below. Attach.

Step 4: with your first measurement in step 3, measure, mark and cut a 1x3 furring strip. This will be the top piece of your farmhouse trim work. Align with the side trim pieces and nail.

how to upgrade kitchen window trim on a budget.jpg

Step 5: for the bottom piece, repeat step 3. I actually modified this step due to the amount of space I was working with. Instead of attaching this piece like in step 3, I turned it like the 1x3 boards. See the bottom of window trim in picture below.

how to add character to a boring manufactured home kitchen window.jpg

Step 6: you may not need to do this step. I had a gap between the 1x2 boards and the window so I added corner trim. To do this, measure from the inside of your outside trim pieces. Measure, mark and cut the corner trim. Nail into place. I also added corner trim to the bottom as well.

adding farmstyle window frame on a budget.jpg

Step 7: use the caulk to fill in all gaps including where the nails are. You want a clean line so make sure you have a damp sponge to clean up the lines and filled nail holes.

Step 8: prime your trim work. Give it at least 2 coats—let dry between coats.

how to add character to a kitchen window with trim.jpg

Step 9: once the primer is dry it’s ready for paint. Give it at least 2 coats of paint as well.

Need more how-to help? Check out Love Grows Wild post “Farmhouse window trim”.

Adding farmhouse style window trim can be done for less than $10

That’s it! In less than 10 steps you have upgraded your window and you did it without spending a fortune. Now stand back and admire your work.

We had everything on the material list except for the ones marked with an asterisk. Our total cost,—drum roll please—$8.60 . What?!

What might it cost for you? It really depends on what you already have on hand. Assuming you already have a caulking gun, nails, hammer, the paint, and a saw it would cost you less than $25 which is still pretty affordable. If you needed to purchase paint all you would need is 8 oz. which you can purchase for $3.48 at Home Depot. Still a pretty affordable home improvement project.

before and after manufactured home kitchen window diy frame.jpg

With just a small investment, you can make a big impact by replacing your builder grade window trim work. Make sure you pin to your DIY Pinterest board for when you are ready to upgrade your interior home window frames.

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