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How to add farm style decor with terra cotta pots

How to add farm style decor with terra cotta pots

3 easy and fun home diy decor terra cotta ideas

Spring is in full swing and around here that means getting the deck containers cleaned and planted. In doing so, I realized how many terra cotta pots I have. It just so happens that we're also in the midst of a his/her office makeover which you can read about the plan here. The two just so happen to be related in this month's Pinterest Challenge which is hosted by My Pinterventures

The purpose of this Pinterest Challenge is to motivate all the participants of this hop (and you too) to not just pin, but to make it happen! 

Last month I created a simple kitchen herbal garden by up-cycling vegetable cans. For June's challenge I wanted to add farm style decor to our office makeover and was inspired by this pin from Cranberry Bush to take some old terra cotta pots and restyle them with some spackle and chalk paint and Stone Gable's moss ball DIY pin (check out her site here).

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old terra cotta pots rejuvenated with chalk paint.jpg

June's Pinterest Challenge

You are going to love how easy this project is. I loved this one so much I made two moss ball decor items, a candle holder, and four updated flower pots (2 large and 2 mini). Let me show you what I did.

update old terra cotta pots.jpg

How-to White Wash Terra Cotta Pots

Gather your terra cotta pots (or go buy some since they're so affordable). If they look like mine, wash with soap and water. Let dry.

Gather your supplies:

  • chalk paint (I bet latex paint would work just as well),

  • a make-up sponge (another Dollar Tree item you should always have),

  • some spackle,

  • glue (I used Quick Grip All-Purpose permanent adhesive)

  • water

  • small paint brush

  • 2 medium sized Styrofoam balls (Dollar Tree)

  • 2 bags of Reindeer Moss (Dollar Tree)

  • hot glue gun and glue

quick update to terra cotta mini pots.jpg

To white wash get your sponge wet (not soaked). Add some paint and then spread around your pot. Since mine are seasoned pots, they're not as porous as brand new ones; hence I didn't have to worry so much about the paint being absorbed super fast. You can add as much or as little paint as you want.

If you want the more rustic look, you can even take your fingers and rub some of the areas giving it a distressed look.

Do the same technique with the tray.

Let paint dry.

Terra Cotta Candle Holder

To make a candle holder, add glue to the bottom of the terra cotta pot. Center the tray and then gently press onto the glue.

diy terra cotta white wash candle holder.jpg

Update Terra Cotta Flower Pots 

For a French cottage sort of look, you'll want to smear some spackle on the terra cotta pot and base. I just used my fingers and smeared until I liked what I saw. By-the-way, the spackle I used was old. I had to add some water to it before I could spread onto the pot.

how to add texture to french cottage style terra cotta pot.jpg

Once this dried I applied the same technique above to paint the pot. I didn't sand as I wanted to create a textured look.

Again, you can use as much or as little paint as you want. You might want a more distressed look than what I ended up with.

simple diy to add farm style decor to your home.jpg
simple and affordable farm style decor using old terra cotta pots .jpg

For the last pot I used stencils and a sharpie to add the 'GROW' label. Once the ink dried, then swiped some paint across it and use a dry brush to get the desired look you see below. You could probably use a paper towel or even a rag to achieve the same look.

easy farm style update of old terra cotta pots.jpg

Moss Covered Balls with Terra Cotta Pots

cheap farm style diy decor project #mosstopiary.jpg

For this simple home decor project all I did was hot glue the moss to the Styrofoam balls. Be careful with this step because you have to glue and press. Touching the hot glue hurts. Should have used a Popsicle stick or something. Just keep filling in the gaps and gently pressing until the moss is positioned around most of the ball. 

Gently shake the ball to remove lingering moss. Then glue the bottom of the ball to your mini-terra cotta planter.

If you want a taller moss ball topiary, use your all purpose adhesive cement to glue together your mini pots as seen in above picture.

diy moss topiary and white washed terra cotta pots.jpg

How simple is that?! A quick and easy DiY project that didn't cost a small fortune to make and only took a few hours to complete. These farm style pots will go perfectly in our new office (coming soon).

add farm style decor using terra cotta pots #homedecor #pinterestchallenge #farmstyle.jpg

Be sure to check out the other talented Pinterest Challengers' below.


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