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Home office for him and her ideas: planning the office space

Home office for him and her ideas: planning the office space

The affordable office space makeover: Part I

It's been a while since my last post about repurposing vegetable cans into a kitchen window sill herb garden. In fact, it's been a while since I've tackled a room. The last one was the guest room for the $100 Room Challenge. Have you ever just stared at a space and knew it needed something but you just didn't know what?

Our home office is that space. For months I have stared at the walls hoping I'd find some sort of idea. I waited for them to speak to me. To say something inspiring. 

For you to truly understand how I have struggled with imagining the perfect work space, I want to share its past.

This room has played many roles. It was once a den with french doors. Then a bedroom. Then a den/spare room. 

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office spare room before makeover.jpg

See that lamp in the right-hand corner? That inspired the orange wall. Uff da!

There was once a gallery wall. It pulled in friends and family. But...

gallery wall idea.JPG

it made the room feel even more cluttered.

I wanted to open the space or an illusion of an open space. However, just like our master bedroom before the makeover, I have two desks, a dresser, file cabinets and an exercise bike to contend with. 

So the office has sat with somewhat blank walls and stuff scattered all over the place.

Then I painted his desk, leaving the piles of "organized" stuff on top. And I began to imagine how this office space could work for him and her.

how to update a desk with chalk paint.jpg

I knew I wanted to update the walls. Board and batten? bead board? Maybe a planked wall? All appealed to me. I also wanted to add floor and crown moulding trim. 

With a tight budget (this room wasn't on the  2018 project goal list),  I began to collect what I already had. Slowly, an idea began to root. Here's what I wanted to achieve:

  • Divide the room into zones: his, her, and a gallery wall

  • Use the window as a statement piece

  • Keep the walls simple

  • Create a space that feels comfortable

  • Tie room with rest of our home's style

The challenge would be figuring out how to place the furniture without feeling like the space is overly crowded.

Here's how I think I can manage that.

The office furniture

His office space to do...

his office space before makeover.jpg
file cabinet ideas.jpg
  • paint desk (done)

  • add a shelf to wall from existing book case

  • re-do file cabinets to fit with new desk color

  • add a 1x4 furring strip boards top over file cabinets to create another work space (think L shape)

  • spray paint hanging file folders to tie in with cabinets and desk

  • give photos a more modern look before rehanging

To accomplish this look only thing needed will be book binder rings and a can of black spray paint for the picture frames. Everything else I have on hand.

Her office space to do...

home office before makeover.jpg
  • paint desk white

  • move desk to other wall

  • add glass shelf above desk

  • include blog dry erase calendar

  • add a project goal board (create with cedar ironing board)

  • design to fit the farm style look

  • add an inspiration board

  • make a wooden sign

Again, I can achieve this look with supplies on hand. 

Storage dresser makeover

office dresser storage systemJPG

Little back story. This was given to my daughter with the idea that she would do something creative with it. She loves blue and the colors in peacock feathers. So I will give this beauty an upgrade. When Miss Kyla is settled down, she can add her artistic flair.

  • Move back to this space

  • fill holes and sand where doors used to be

  • sand the 4 pull-out drawers and restain to match top of dresser

  • paint an aqua color (will be the accent piece)

  • spray paint hardware black

  • add 1 x 3 (or 4) boards for top and stain (will need to purchase)

The office walls

  • fill holes with spackle

  • spray texture over east wall (need to purchase)

  • paint all walls but window wall an off white color

  • add floor trim (4-5" high and painted white)

  • use existing textured wall paper on window wall

  • make short curtain rods out of pvc piping or drift wood for each side of window

  • hang curtains that add color and pop to this wall

  • add trim boards to each side of wall with window

  • add wider trim around door frame and paint white

  • add crown moulding trim

Okay...there's the plan. Looking at the list I have most of the items on hand. That's the good thing about DiY projects is you end up with supplies for other projects. What I know I will need to purchase is...

  • spray texture to repair the drywall

  • trim work (this will be the major cost)

  • curtains

  • hardware for the curtain rods (unless I can figure out how to make myself)

  • gallon of paint for walls

  • 1x3 (or 4) boards for dresser

  • stain

Hope my vision works out. Not gonna lie, really nervous about the wall paper. The struggle is real when trying to hang wall paper. Ugh. Other than that, I feel pretty confident I can pull this off. Stay tuned for the next phase which will be about preparing the walls. Pretty sure this will be in two stages: walls then trim work.

After that it should be pretty simple. Fingers crossed, right?

a his & her home office plan #officeideas #homeoffice.jpg

Thanks for sticking with me. This stage always seems to be the hardest. 

Would love to hear how you tackle makeover projects. Drop me a comment and share the lessons you learned and any pointers you have for me.

And if you don't mind, share this because you know the saying, "sharing is...." wink.


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