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Farmhouse DIY Dollar Tree  Kitchen Decor Container

Farmhouse DIY Dollar Tree Kitchen Decor Container

How to make a cute farmhouse faux enamel tub container

I know. It’s everywhere. The farmhouse look may be a trend on its way out but I love the look. It fits in with our country/coastal/cottage style home. My Amazon kitchen wish list holds quite a bit of the farm style look. One of them is a white tin bread container that has BREAD etched in black across the front middle. You know the one I am describing, right? Well if I ever decide to purchase it, my little faux enamel kitchen tub container will be the perfect match.

Welcome to May’s Pinterest Challenge!

Each month Erlene from My Pinterventures hosts the Pinterest Challenge for anyone who loves to make, create, or bake something inspired from one of their pins. I don’t know about you, but I love to pin and this challenge is a perfect way for me to actually do something with one of them.

Like this…

Farmhouse DIY Decor Inspiration

Confession…not only am I a Pinterest hoarder I am also a DIY Dollar Tree YouTube binge watcher. It’s a problem. Every time we go to town, I now want to stop at the Dollar Tree because, hey, there may be something there I can make something cool with. You should see the amazing things crafters’ are making from Dollar Tree items.

Which brings me to this month’s Pinterest Challenge inspo. It comes from Jay Munee DIY’s video Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Enamel Tub Planter that I had to pin to my Dollar Tree Hacks board. Jay’s tutorial is easy to follow and pretty much just recreated her version of the faux enamel garden tub.

I liked the look of this simple faux enamel tub and thought it would look nice next to our kitchen sink. So I took some inventory and had most of what I needed to recreate this cute farmhouse style container.

Here’s what I thought I would need…

DIY farmhouse dollar tree kitchen decor .jpg

but I was worried that the matt finish Krylon spray sealer wouldn’t hold up to the water. Since I’m also working on some cute spring coasters I had purchased some acrylic gloss sealer that is water proof. Hence the reason I decided against Waverly’s ink chalk paint. My buffalo plaid table top taught me that acrylic clear sealer and chalk paint don’t play nice. Instead I used a black paint pen and some black acrylic craft paint.

Materials needed:

  • 1 Dollar Tree Flowers and Garden container

  • 1 can Rust-oleum Semi-Gloss white spray paint

  • 1 small foam brush

  • 4 pawn chess pieces

  • E6000 glue

  • Black paint pen

  • black acrylic craft paint

  • Mod Podge Gloss clear acrylic sealer

Make your own farmhouse kitchen decor

Creating a faux farmhouse enamel tub container is super simple. This was a two day project.

Day one give your Dollar Tree tin Flowers & Garden container two coats of white satin spray paint. Find a good place to spray paint your container. To ensure you don’t end up with any drips avoid spraying the first coat heavy. I left the tag on the bottom because this is the only time anyone is going to see that, LOL. Make sure you also spray the inside of the tin container.

Once the paint is completely dry, position the chess pawn pieces where you like them. I used the eyeballed method. Add some E6000 around the bottom of each chess piece and gently press onto the bottom of container. You could also use hot glue to help the legs adhere faster but I forgot to plug mine in…no worries though.

Let this sit over night.

simple mini farm style faux tub container .jpg

Give Dollar Tree Flowers & Garden tin the faux enamel look.

It’s day two, the legs are firmly attached and it’s time to add some farmhouse charm to the container. With the black paint pen (so much easier than using a small black paint brush) outline the embossed letters on both sides of container. Let dry.

Now take the small sponge brush and your black acrylic paint and outline the top and bottom trim.

To give the container that faux enamel look, use the sponge bush and randomly paint some spots on the tub. Some of the spots I roughed up the edges. I also made sure the brush was more dry than wet. Just dab some of the paint onto a paper towel, newspaper, or paper plate. If you are not ready to add the enamel markings, play around with the technique on a piece of paper until you like what you see.

how to water proof diy farm style container.jpg

Let the paint dry and then give it a coat or two of the Mod Podge Gloss clear acrylic sealer. I found this at Walmart in the craft section. Let dry.

Add farmhouse style to your kitchen

Now for the fun part! Fill and admire your work.

The lines aren’t perfect but I’m digging that look.

Dollar Tree Farmhouse decor idea.jpg

My faux enamel kitchen tub container looks adorable next to the sink. And it’s the perfect size for some hand and dish soap.

add farm style charm with Dollar Tree flower container.jpg

Had fun playing around with the decor.

DIY kitchen sink container.jpg
Farmhouse DIY faux enamel Dollar Tree tub container.jpg

Don’t you just love those farm style terra cotta pots? Those were fun to make too. Click the link to see how here.

You could also add this Dollar Tree faux Flowers & Garden enamel tub in the bathroom or the guest room and fill it it with items your guests would enjoy.

DIY Farmhouse Decor with Dollar Tree crafts.png

All-in-all, not a bad way to spend the weekend getting your make and create mojo on. What do you think? Did some Farmhouse DIY decor add some character to this kitchen?

What style are you lovin’ right now?

After you drop me your thoughts, check out the other participants who offer a variety of awesome pinspirations. Trust me, there is something for everyone.



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