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Master bedroom makeover reveal (simple farm style)

Master bedroom makeover reveal (simple farm style)

Before and After Master Bedroom Reveal 

I cannot express how happy this room makes me feel. Before it was dark and cluttered. Now--happy dance--it's bright, soothing, and de-cluttered. Honestly, though, this would have turned out much differently if Hubby hadn't pitched in.

He lives a simple life. He doesn't ask for much. Simple pleasures like the remote next to his chair makes him happy. Living with me has tested his patience many of times. For me I'm still searching for that zen. Lucky for me he understands that the challenge of projects makes me happy. So when I need him, he is there to tackle angles, lighting, plumbing, etc. ... the things I can't seem to figure out.

I wanted to get this room right as much for him as for me.

This was the one year in the making room. 

The room that desperately needed some TLC.

Are you ready to see what all the fuss is about? 

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Once upon a time our window facing wall had a gun cabinet on the left and a yellow, tinted grungy dresser on the right. The window treatment was a sad attempt to make this space look better.

master bedroom dark window treatment before makeover

Then a magical fairy waved her wand. She (we) added a 3" wider frame, changed the curtain rod, and hung beautiful light grey drapes with embroidered leaves traveling down each panel. 

how to add charm to bedroom window.jpg

I really had no idea how dramatic new window treatment would be. I decided to let the window speak for itself so kept the walls bare of anything. 

The drapes were purchased at Goodwill several years ago but I didn't have a heavy duty rod so they were hidden away...waiting for their moment to impress. 

light grey drapes

The walls were painted with Behr's Offshore Mist Premium Plus Ultra paint. Since only three walls were painted, it only took one gallon.

Another big impact was painting the dressers. 





Part IV I wrote how I transformed these two mismatched dressers. You can read how saved money giving these two a much needed upgrade.

Before 1970s dresser makeover

Before 1970s dresser makeover



I didn't notice I had replaced the hardware upside down until I was looking at the photos (hand slap to face).

white and black dresser makeover.jpg

But they still look 1,000 times better and the Beast was replaced by a sleek easy-to-move flat screen. Hallelujah!

In addition to swapping out the window trim we also added 3" trim to both door frames.

I really wanted an accent wall. Ever since I created this faux shiplap wall in our kitchen area, I wanted to do it again. It's perfect for our bedroom. The wall not only muffles sound, but it adds to the farm style charm I like so much. Bonus, it was cheap to do. 

Here's what the wall looked like before:

Before plank wall

Before plank wall

And here's what it looked after...

after master bedroom plank wall.jpg
diy plank wall and trim.jpg
diy planked wall.jpg

Not too long after the photo above was taken, I replaced the end table and added this pallet framed full length mirror.

farm style master bedroom reveal.jpg

See what we did to create this accent wall in our master bedroom makeover Part II.

One of the things I am discovering about interior design is the power of lighting. It's similar to shoes. The shoes you choose can really make your outfit pop or can also work against your outfit. The problem with both is finding one that is stylish, classic, durable, and affordable.

Boob lights are like tennis shoes with skirts (unless it's a tennis skirt than by all means). And in my home, there are a lot of tennis shoes. 

So when I found this one on Amazon I knew it was just what my room needed. 

Installation was a bit of a challenge. Hubby did need my hands to help adjust the chain link and hold pendant as he attached to the anchor.

Master bedroom makeover includes geometric pendant

This was when he finally said he was done with indoor honey-do projects for awhile. Sigh. She's a beaut though. I mean it's the icing, don't you think?

The last reveal is the bypass closet doors.

I am still in awe at how these turned out. At one point I thought I would paint a design on the doors. But with left-over underlayment plywood from the planked wall, went with creating faux barn doors. 

Before closet doors.

Before closet doors.

Which turned out even better for it tied the master bedroom together.

diy faux barn closet doors.jpg
how to upgrade bypass closet doors into faux barn doors.jpg

You can see how I transformed these blah construction grade closet doors into faux barn doors here.

And there you have it. Now I have this beautiful space and this new found confidence. 

I have learned that letting an idea simmer is a good thing. Slowly I am finding my zen. 

affordable farm style master bedroom makeover.jpg

I would love to hear your story. How have you found a way to calm your thoughts? What room are you most proud of? What's holding you back from tackling a home project?

And as always be kind and share at will. 


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