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DIY faux shiplap

DIY faux shiplap

How we added faux shiplap to our angled wall

DIY plank wall with underlayment plywood

When it comes to home and garden I am the kind of girl who sees what she likes and says, "That looks like something I can do. Let's try it!" Patience isn't usually my virtue here. Come to think of it, neither is caution (remember the Above the Refrigerator boo-boo or the Oops I painted our sub floor?). Well, this project had been a year in the making. It began with an inspiration board.

I'm not sure when I began to actually verbalize my master bedroom dream to Hubby. He's the kind of guy who is pretty darn content with the way things are. Each time I'd bring up an idea, he would poo-poo it. Tell me the room was fine...etc., etc. But you know, happy wife, happy life and all that. Poor guy.

So when I told him I wanted to buy four sheets of underlayment plywood for a plank wall, he raised his eyebrows, gave me the look... sighed, and said, "Okay."

Four ended up being six because, Houston we have a problem with communication. I wanted the sheets ripped into 4 inch wide horizontal boards but the young man heard 4 inch wide vertical boards. 

So instead of 8' x 4" boards I ended up with 4' by 4" boards. This also meant the grain was wrong and because the cut was against the grain, the edges were a lot rougher than the correct 8'x4" boards. Good thing I planned on painting them.

Let's pause for a moment. Let's talk about the master bedroom. The room that, typically, is an afterthought. A place to sleep and dress. In part I : dresser makeover I shared my master bedroom vision of having "...something grown-up...polished." In part II: faux closet barn doors I talked about how the space needed to calm my thoughts and work for Hubby. 

Part III is about how a plank wall will help achieve that.

I love the look of shiplap. I think it's the throwback to a simpler time and the added character it gives to a room.  Thank you Fixer Upper! Joanna is all about shiplap which are boards cut to fit into one another. Plank walls is a version of this (longer defined version can be found here). It's pretty affordable when you use underlayment plywood... more so when Home Depot rips the plywood sheets for you.

Another reason I wanted to plank the accent wall in my master bedroom was the hope it would absorb some sound. The east wall just so happens to separate us from the living room and the TV. Unfortunately the bass moves right through the wall. So, just maybe, a plank wall will alleviate some of that bass. Anyone else here Megan Trainor singing All About That Bass?

Before faux shiplap

Before faux shiplap

I read through several tutorials but found this one over at Bloglovin site was the most helpful. Following their lead I went ahead and measured the space, figured out the width I wanted, and convinced Hubby to go to Home Depot (Only a 140 mi round trip-psht, no problem!) to pick-up some supplies. Bonus! I finally got a 16 gauge finishing nail gun. Happy dance.

The tutorial began at the top of the wall; I, however, began at the bottom. Do you see why in the above picture. That angled wall freaked me out! Hubby took a look and suggested I only go so far up like I did with this one here. But I envisioned the entire wall planked so onward and upward we went.

plank wall using 1/4" plywood underlayment

When I got to the part where the boards needed to be cut at an angle, I called in my guy who I knew could figure this out. Here's the other snafoo...he used the Skill saw and I can barely hold the thing let alone cut something at an angle. 

First he measured in four different places. Then he transferred those measurements onto the board which he then used a straight edge to connect his dots. Once that was done, he cut the boards. Mostly his cuts were spot on but, not gonna lie, there were several trial and error boards with a few colorful words thrown in here and there. Did I tell you how much I love this guy?

After Hubby saved the day, I primed the wall then painted it with eggshell pure white Behr paint. We added the trim (another fun day of figuring out angles) and painted those too. 

Finally my plank wall was done!

DIY planked bedroom wall
DIY affordable plank wall

What a difference this feature made to the room. Not only did it brighten up the space but it added some much needed character. 

Remember what it used to look like?

Reflected image of before plank wall
DIY affordable plank wall

Ahhh...a place to...


breath in the simplicity,

and rest the mind.







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Master bedroom makeover reveal (simple farm style)

How to turn boring bypass closet doors into farm style charm

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