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DIY farm style  bay window treatment

DIY farm style bay window treatment

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Welcome to week 2 of our kitchen nook $100 Room Challenge and it’s been a challenge. That’s part of the fun though. Before I get into the fun let me introduce you to Erin, the creator of this January and September challenge. We have one month to transform a space for $100 dollars or less. Hop on over to her blog and check out her appearance on the Rachel Rae and the Jason show here.

$100 Room Challenge Kitchen Nook: Week 2

$100RC Final - Square.jpg

This is my second $100 Room Challenge. Last January I created a guest bedroom and had a lot of fun finishing my daughter’s closet mural.

$100 Room Challenge Guest Bedroom Reveal


This January I decided to take on our small kitchen nook for a couple of reasons. 1) really want to try and downsize our home as we have a lot of furniture that just doesn’t fit our space, and 2) one of our 2019 project goals is to tackle the kitchen.

Week 1 / Week 3 / Week 4 / Week 5

Week 2 involved giving our bay windows some much needed TLC.

kitchen nook makeover on a budget.jpg

Step 1: add curtains to bay windows

This was the easy part. From our master bedroom closet makeover I had some left over pvc pipes. I measured each to fit inside the blind fittings and then used a chop saw to cut.

cheap pvc curtain rod.jpg

Originally I had thought I would paint them but then figured, why? The cornices would cover them up so a little elbow grease to get the dirt off and they were good to go. Once cleaned the curtains were ready to be hung.

I found these at Walmart for $6.08 each. I think that’s pretty affordable and saved me some time hemming if I had gone with the $5 ea white twin flat sheets. So worth the extra 3 dollars.

affordable window treatment.jpg

They were a little long so I gathered each one and tied a white ribbon around them.

$100 room challenge week 2_ window treatment.jpg

So far, so good.


Step 2: DIY wooden cornices

I really like the modern farm house vibe and wanted to bring that into this space. While looking for some inspiration via Pinterest, I came across Shanty 2 Chic’s post on DIY Wooden Window Cornice and knew this was what I wanted to do.

Seemed pretty cut and dry. After reading it a couple of times and watching how to make your own flotaing shelves I thought “I can do this”.

Let me be the first to say I am not an expert at wood working, carpentry, or DIYing per say. I share my experiences whether they are successful or complete failures (see my painted sub floor shenanigans here). With that being said, I did build my own window cornices from scrap wood. I wouldn’t, however, want to build them for anyone else. It’s always the math that gets me.

Now Shanty 2 Chic’s tutorial is awesome. I didn’t have the same materials or the same tools so I had to do things a bit differently.

what you need to know about DIY window cornices .jpg

I was going to break down a pallet and use that but I didn’t quite think that through. It’s been sitting out in the weather. Instead I decided to use leftover pieces from or mudroom project. The wood is common underlayment from Home Depot and required a bit more framing then the tutorial offered hence the 1 x 1s.

After measuring the window I decided to go an inch extra on each side rather than the 5 inches from tutorial. And rather than 10 inches wide, I went with eight.

From there I basically built a box without a bottom. I used Gorilla glue to attach the 1x1s before nailing them to the boards. Helped keep the board in place while nailing.

how this blogger made window cornices.jpg

At this point things are moving right along. Music is blaring. You can hear me sing and see me stain and paint each cornice. I happily shimmy on to measure, cut, and attach cleats above each window. All is well with the world.

how to give wood a rustic coastal look.jpg

I followed Shanty 2 Chic’s method of staining and painting. Easy-peasy.

Coming together and lookin’ good!

make your own wood window cornice.jpg

Music ends.

Head tilts.


This is when I realize my math just doesn’t add up…why am I surprised?

diy wooden cornice for bay windows.jpg

I knew this was too good to be true.

The angles got me.

The third cornice won’t fit.

Now what?

After letting it sit for a night here’s what I ended up doing.

diy wooden cornices for bay windows.jpg

It’s not pretty and it definitely would not meet any perfectionist’s standards. This is the top that attaches to the cleat. The other two have boards that go end to end to each side of cornice. But, because of the angle, it wouldn’t fit so this is what I came up with. It gave me just enough flexibility on the left end to position it with the middle cornice.


My new motto:

Embrace the perfect imperfections of DIYing. In the end it’s imperfectly perfect!

farm style diy window treatment.jpg

Let’s take another look at what these bay windows looked like before…

kitchen nook makeover on a budget.jpg

Pretty boring, right?

Here’s another angle of the after…

small kitchen nook diy window treatment.jpg

I’m even liking how the pendent light looks. Speaking of which. When I mentioned this to hubby, I was slightly wrong on what I thought he would say. He said, “NO! Two years ago you said this was it! You’d never ask me to change it again. You’re not changing it!” Ok, so he didn’t say those exact words. There may have been an expletive in there.

So what’s a girl to do?

This girl ordered herself a light and is going to watch a Youtube video or two on how to replace a ceiling light. (Shh…it’s a secret though.)

Even though it was tough to figure out how to fix my mistake, in the end I am pretty happy with how the windows turned out and all for $18.16. Whoop-whoop!

Week 2.png

Want to see some more amazing room transformation adventures? Check out the other DIyers below and see what they are doing this week.

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