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Creating an inviting breakfast nook for less than $100

Creating an inviting breakfast nook for less than $100

Are you ready? It’s week 5 of the $100 Room Challenge and I’m pretty excited to share our kitchen nook makeover. The gist of the challenge is to transform a space for a hundred dollars or less in one month.

If this is something you are interested in joining in September, hop on over to Lemons, Lavender and Laundry to get all the details.

If this is your first visit, you may not know about our kitchen “dining” issues. When we purchased our manufactured home back in 2001, we were in awe of the amount of space it offered. Not only was there a breakfast nook but a dining area too. No way! So we decided (we really didn’t know what we were doing) to take the dining room and add a wood stove. Now we love our wood stove. Beats electric heat hands down. BUT…we ended up with a tiny area to act as the main dining area.

It didn’t help matters when we inherited our farm style family heirloom dining table.

Any-hoo…this is what our kitchen nook looked like several years ago. Apparently I thought orange was a good color (hand slap to forehead).

Kitchen Nook Makeover Before and After

kitchen nook before DIY makeover.jpg

Then it looked like this…

small kitchen nook before makeover.JPG

Better but not very inviting.

The goal was to create a space that felt more roomy as well as fit my home style which is currently a bit of modern farmhouse / shabby coastal (is that even a thing?).

Week 2 I built some wooden cornices out of scrap underlayment which you can check out here.

Then I built a rustic bench for week three’s challenge.

Week four was all about revitalizing the drop leaf vintage table tucked away in one of our storage sheds.

This week all that was left was to install blown glass pendant light fixture I found on Amazon.

This was a DIY project that caused me a whole lot of angst. I have never worked with electrical stuff before. I imagined all sorts of horrible things that would happen once I started pulling on wires.

Hubby was dead set against it. In fact as soon as he saw me standing on the table with wires hanging down, he bee-lined out of the house and I didn’t seem him for a few hours. He liked the old light fixture and felt like his opinion didn’t matter.

But I was determined.

I knew this light was what our little nook needed.

I did have have to watch several Youtube videos and read the directions like a bazilliuon times to figure it out; but, I did it!

pendant light before diy sleeve .jpg

Also added the medallion I had purchased months ago but couldn’t figure out how to attach after the light fixture had been installed.

After I successfully installed the pendant light, I wasn’t crazy about how the black cord screamed at you.

So I fixed it by adding a no-sew white sleeve using an old table cloth and a hot-glue gun. Simply cut a strip 2 inches wide and as it’s wrapped around cord, you just glue the seam shut.

small kitchen nook $100 room challenge reveal.jpg

The other thing I was frantically trying to finish this week was the table. Originally I had refinished the table in week 4 but it looked a bit orange to me.

farm style small kitchen nook makeover $100 room challenge.jpg

So I sanded it down one more time and then stained it with some Early American stain. Rather than spraying the poly on top, I spent some time using a brush to add an oil based indoor poly on top. It also complimented the industrial rustic bench made in week three.

$100 room challenge kitchen nook reveal.jpg

After four weeks, pretty satisfied with the end results.

rustic style small kitchen nook reveal.jpg

The pendant light turned out to give the space what I was hoping for…the illusion that the space is a wee bit bigger than it actually is. And it just looks better!

diy farm style pendant light.JPG.jpg

And just like that, January is over. Another $100 Room Challenge comes to an end. So how did we do? Did we stay withing budget?

  • Week 2: Window treatments: $18.16

  • Week 3: Rustic bench: $31.98

  • Week 4: Drop leaf table makeover: $6.78 (all the rest of the supplies were free as we already had in stock)

  • Week 5: Pendant light $24.92 (, Edison light bulb set of 4 $14.95 (

Total: $96.79

Under budget…but is it? I didn’t factor in tax. If we were to factor this in, we are most likely right at hundred bucks.

I am just happy that the room I envisioned came to fruition. It beckons me to come enjoy a cup of coffee, maybe an afternoon cup of tea. Our kitchen nook now has character and I am pretty proud that we achieved this for around a hundred bucks.

Transform a breakfast nook.png

Before you go, I sure hope you visit the rest of the $100 Room Challenge participants as their visions are pin worthy.

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