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7 Dollar Tree Christmas Decor Hacks

7 Dollar Tree Christmas Decor Hacks

This roundup is all about making fun and easy Christmas decorations without spending a ton of money.

7 Dollar Tree Christmas Decor Craft Projects

Christmas. A time of cheer. A time for cocoa and eggnog. A time where the smells of homemade sugar cookies and pine weave throughout the home. It’s a time to be thankful that is for sure.

For many years I have to admit I haven’t truly enjoyed this time of year. The one thing that dampens the spirit is the cha-ching. Now if I had my act together I would pick up gifts throughout the year rather than run a shopping marathon. But that requires me to actually think waaay ahead and, cough, it’s just not in my nature.

Not to mention the effort to get the decorations down and string those darn lights.

So this year I am getting my Christmas spirit back! Let’s begin by making some affordable and fun Christmas decorations.

If you shop at Costco you will appreciate this first item. I saved Kirkland’s soap containers to wrap presents in but then decided to upcycle them into a joyful winter display.

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1: Rustic Christmas Vase

From this…

upcycle boxes to make Christmas decorations.jpg

…to this…

cheap diy Christmas Joy decor.jpg

For this project I painted the boxes a dark blue then chalk painted white and grey over the top using the dry brush method. Once dried hot glued the boxes together and stenciled JOY on each one. Should have used a ruler rather then eyeballing it…oops. Next step was to wrap the boxes with jute twine and hot glue the burlap poinsettias. Last step was to cut branches off a string of garland I already had and arrange inside each box. Glue some mini tree cones (from Dollar Tree ornaments used on a different project) on and then finish with some more twine.

Hard to believe 3 soap boxes inspired this rustic Christmas vase.

Dollar Tree Cost:

  • 1 burlap floral strand

  • 2 ornaments w/pine cones (don’t consider this to be true cost since ornaments were used for another project, wink)

2. Christmas Lanterns

easy decor ideas for Christmas lanterns.jpg

Picked up these lanterns at Walmart this summer for five bucks each. Love them because they are so versatile and they add country charm. Other items I pulled from my craft arsenal: wine corks, red burlap ribbon, alder wood rings, twine and more of the cut garland.

Simply make some bows and layer them. Hot glue together. Then take your accents and glue them to the top of lantern as seen below. Just go with what you like.

Christmas lantern decorations.jpg

Use the corks and garland to make mini trees. Take the corks and poke a hole in the top so the garland can fit. Hot glue a few to the top of the alder wood rings and arrange inside lantern. Sprinkle some faux snow inside and if you have a candle, go ahead and add that too.

You can see I basically did the same thing with the second lantern only instead of ribbon, I used corks. The other difference is I added a white Christmas tree to the inside.

decorate decor lanterns for Christmas.jpg

Total Dollar Tree cost for the lanterns: $4.00

  • 1 bag of faux snow (only used 1/4 of the bag for both lanterns)

  • Merry Christmas burlap ribbon (used 1/2)

  • 1 white Christmas tree (does light up just like a colorful Christmas tree)

  • 1 bag of glittered pine cones (8 to a package, used 2)

3. Christmas Gift Box Display

For this project you will need two Dollar Tree gift boxes, reindeer ornament and two glass candle holders.

To begin distress the candle holders. I used chalk paint. Was going for a rustic, woodish look. You could, however, leave them alone and this would be just as pretty.

While the paint is drying decorate your gift boxes. The reindeer had a different decal on it that I just pulled off. Used the red berry and some twine to create the collar. After the paint had enough time to dry (about an hour), I glued the decorated boxes onto the candle holders (hardest part because of getting them centered…which I’m still workin’ on, ugh).

You could completely update the boxes but I chose to keep them silver. Now that I look at these I think they would be pretty if they were white. Hmm…

gift boxes Christmas decor.jpg

Total Dollar Tree cost: $5.00

  • 2 glass candle holders

  • 2 gift boxes

  • 1 reindeer ornament

4. Snow Globe + 1

This one was so fun and super easy… and is one of my favorites.

Take one jar and add about 1/4 or less faux snow. If you have a lid that fits the jar, hot glue the little town Christmas tree to the underside and screw onto jar. I didn’t have a lid to fit so I used a canning lid disc which required me to glue to the jar. Add some jute rope around the bottom of jar with some hot glue.

For the top I took the bells off of the silver tree ornament and then glued to top of glass candle holder. Last step was to take glass glue and attach the candle holder to the snow “globe” Easy, right!?

hurricane candle decor for Christmas.jpg

Total Dollar Tree cost: $4.00

  • 1 package town Christmas tree (comes in a package of 2)

  • Silver tree ornament

  • glass jar

  • glass candle holder

  • 1 package faux snow (used from package already opened)

The Plus One

Easily make some hurricane candle holders from the Dollar Tree. Just place a tall candle votive inside a glass vase. Add some glass gem stones (1 bag used for 2 vases) around the bottom (choose your color) and then sprinkle some clear snowflake beads on top (I had these on hand and not sure where I had purchased them from). Voila!

5. Mini Christmas Wreath

I just love how wreaths bring a sense of warmth and cheer to a home, especially when they are window displays.

With one strand of tree garland I was able to make 5 mini wreaths.Since the strand is already in the shape I wanted, I cut enough so that there were 3 loops. This gave it a fuller look. Just take the ends and wrap around a loop so that it stays attached. Cut ribbon to the length you want. I used an old flannel shirt cut into strips which I then tied with some twine at the top. That’s how I hooked it to the suction cup.

Christmas wreaths for windows.jpg

This one I just added bell in the middle and hung on a mirror for a festive look in our bedroom.

Total Dollar Tree cost: $3.00

  • 1 strand of green garland

  • 1 ornamental bell

  • 1 package suction cups (includes 9)

mini Christmas wreath.jpg

6. Snowflake

Wrapping up this Christmas Dollar Tree hack roundup is a pretty snowflake display. The Dollar Tree has these beautiful snowflake ornaments. I just had to have one.

All I did was distress a glass candle holder with chalk paint and then hot glued the snowflake on top. It’s perfect in front of a mirror. Even the diy snow globe looks pretty fabulous here.

Total Dollar Tree cost: $2.00

  • 1 glass candle holder

  • 1 snowflake ornament

diy Christmas globe in a jarJPG.jpg

Had so much fun creating these simple and inexpensive Christmas decorations. So many possibilities to frugally decorate your home for the holidays. Whatever your theme is, you can take some Dollar Tree items and give them new life.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Enjoy!

rustic diy Christmas decor from Dollar Tree items.jpg
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