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5 home improvement goals for 2019

5 home improvement goals for 2019

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And just like that 2018 comes to an end. Holy moly! Last year I wrote a post on mixing up the whole new year resolution mambo-jumbo. If this works for you, good on you. I just couldn’t seem to commit so instead I decided to embrace what I love to do and channel it by setting five home improvement goals.

Last year my list of five were:

  1. Add flooring to the craft room to cover the painted sub floors.

  2. DIY cement bathroom vanity counter top.

  3. DIY rustic cedar end tables

  4. Add retaining wall for curb appeal

  5. Kitchen makeover

We completed 3 out of the 5 on the list which you can check out here. 2018 was a busy year. In addition to the 3 accomplished, we also made over a bedroom for the $100 Room Challenge, built a smokehouse, improved the master bedroom closet, updated the office and desk and main bathroom, reupholstered the kitchen chairs, plus more.

So what does 2019 have in store for us?

2019 home improvement goals

  1. Finish the Mudroom

  2. Make cedar end tables

  3. Repair the ceiling

  4. Makeover the vegetable garden

  5. Kitchen makeover

This time the number isn’t in any order of importance. Let’s take a closer look at each goal.

The Mudroom

I’m not really sure what classifies a mudroom. For us it literally seems to be the place where mud is deposited. Along with it being the drop-off zone for shoes and coats, it’s also become our pantry and overflow for household items. Did I mention that I also would like to purge a lot of our stuff? Tearing this room apart in order to put it together is the perfect opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things.

After years of it being unfinished, the plan is to insulate, add some paneling, paint, and reorganize the space. Because this is just no longer acceptable.

Yep, now you know our “closet” (please tell me we are not the only ones who has a space like this) is pretty darn scary.

The space has to be functional and an extension of our interior style (which doesn’t look like this—thank the lord). I’m not too sure how I would label our home style. It has a bit of rustic/farm style with a bit of a coastal vibe. So how does that play into our mudroom, you ask?

I envision white washed walls that still show the wood grain of the paneling. Would love to frame the window that gives it a farm style look. That yellow cupboard (right picture above) will be chalk painted a charcoal color and the door will be painted a dark grey to match. We hope to move our chest freezer next to the refrigerator so those cupboards will hang above that.

Not sure what to do with the ceiling. If the beams are left exposed, I think painting them black would look good.

The wall next to the door will feature a hall tree with cubicles. That will be perfect for shoes, coats, and hats.

What’s going to be expensive will be the insulation and paneling. If I paint the ceiling area will need a galleon of paint other than that, we should have everything else.

Estimated Budget: $700

Cedar End Tables

Since this was one of the items we didn’t get to, we plan on completing this project come spring. They should be dry by then. The cedar rounds will be trimmed to size, sanded, stained and sealed with polyurethane. There are so many ideas for wooden round tables. I like the one below but I also like the idea of adding caster wheels or hairpin legs. Good thing I am giving myself until spring to make a decision, lol.



Estimated Budget: $25-$50

The Ceiling

I do not look forward to this particular project. Ceiling work is hard. Just the ceiling in the main bath was a major chore. But it needs to be done. Sigh.

cracked ceilings.jpg

Our ceiling continues to crack depending on the time of year. According to the insurance appraisal guy he said it was due to the fact that when they added the sheet rock they attached it in the wrong direction. No matter how many times we try to repair the darn thing, cracks appear along the seam lines.

There’s a couple of things we can do. One, add new sheet rock going in the right direction. Bleck. Tape, texture, and paint throughout…no thanks. Two, add bead board. Not as tedious as number one but that’s a lot of bead board. Three, plank the ceiling. While I love the look this would also be tedious and expensive. Four, board and batten. I think this is our best bet as it won’t cost us as much money and we can most likely complete the project in a couple of weekends.

Estimated Budget: $500



Vegetable Garden

We’re going to take out the two square boxes and replace with 4 rectangular ones. This will make it easier to manage and rotate crops especially if they are a little above the knee height. Another feature would love to add to this is a nice fire pit with bench like seating. Right now it’s closer to the back door and is a pain to mow around.

Budget: $300

Kitchen Makeover

small kitchen dinette 100 room challenge.jpg

No surprise here. Was on last year’s list and has been a bit of a dream of mine. Most of the time I’m pretty fearless when it comes to home improvement projects. But the kitchen…that’s more than this DIY novice can chew. See why here.

What I want to do is replace the counter tops by the stove and refrigerator with butcher block. While I’d love to replace the rest with something fancy, I just don’t see that happening with our budget. So instead I think will remove all the nasty porcelain tile and figure out how to trim it out with wood to tie in with the butcher block. As for the back splash, last year I wanted ship lap but I have since changed my mind. Instead I want to stencil a design. Something like the one below as I think it would work well with everything else.



Since the cupboards were just repainted not too long ago the only change they will see is new hardware.

The peninsula will also get an update. Will add bead board and MDF trim boards to create a look similar to this…

Which, I imagine, will also extend to the end cabinet right across from our breakfast bar.

If I can swing it and convince hubby it’s a good idea, would love to install a farm style sink. Time will tell …

Estimated Budget: $1,500

Oh, and if I somehow come across some extra moo-la, then we will replace our refrigerator to match the other appliances (sigh).

This year seems to entail some heavy home improvement projects. Yikes! We can do it though.

What do you all think? Is this the year the kitchen gets new life? Will I finally have some rustic end tables for the living room? And what about all those other unforeseeable projects?

Ah, another year another opportunity. Looking forward to The Olympic Nest’s transformations.

And you? What are your New Year’s resolutions? What changes do you plan on making?

If you are inspired share away and/or leave a comment.

Happy new year, friends!

New year home improvement vision blog post.png
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