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DIY outdoor kitchen table

DIY outdoor kitchen table

How I transformed an old painter's table into an outdoor kitchen counter

It's summer time and with summer comes outdoor grillin'. There is nothing better than sitting on the back deck with a toddy watching Hubby grill up some steaks or chicken or ribs get the idea. For years he has had little elbow room to perform his savory smoke flavored show.

While I'm a dreamer, as witnessed on Kelli's Picks>Outdoor Living and DIY, I'm also a realist. I wanted to create an outdoor kitchen area. When I found this beauty at a garage sale, I knew just what I could do with it.

craft table gets renovated into an outdoor kitchen-table

The asking price was ten dollars. I hesitated. Kept looking at it trying to envision how I could transform into an outdoor kitchen table. Kept asking do I really want to spend 10 bucks on this!? What finally pushed me to buy it was the fact it's made out of cedar. Perfect wood material for outdoor use.

As I had previously glued and sanded cedar boards I had planned on for a faux butcher block, I decided to just remove the old top and attach that to this stand. 

Sanded some more and then stained top and legs black.

The back required me taking wood from an old fence I had made years ago. This too was sanded, stained black and then distressed with some white paint.


Outdoor Cedar Table

The bottom shelf required some assistance from Hubby...ok, so he had to fix my un-squared attempt at adding a shelf. I repeated the same process to the shelf as I did to the fence-style back.

Added hooks for his grillin' tools and, of course, a rustic bottle opener. 

Someday I may paint "grill ~n~ chill" or "Willie's Grill"across the beach wood I found while clam digging at Ocean Shores. We'll see. 


Back side barbecue table

Here's a peak at what the back side looks like. I also added a window box planter where we drop the bottle caps and house the condiments/seasonings during grilling time.

Create an outdoor kitchen nook

I have never created an outdoor kitchen nook before. It worked out pretty well, especially since Hubby is a lefty. And, hey, if this table thing doesn't work out, I will have a sweet lil' potting table I can move up to the garden.

How have you created a frugal outdoor living space?


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