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 11  DIY budget friendly signs to add to your home decor

11 DIY budget friendly signs to add to your home decor

I am a tad bit obsessed with meaningful messages...and rustic decor. Throughout my home you will find hand painted signs. These life messages are sometimes deep while others offer a somewhat duh message. Most I painted free-hand style (I'm still behind the print-impose-paint method.). My signs are not perfect. I kind of like that. Life isn't perfect. 

 My rustic handmade signs have only cost me time. As decor goes, that's a pretty good deal.

#1: Welcome your guests message

An old cedar ironing board becomes an entry way sign welcoming visitors

I found this old cedar iron board at a yard sale. It's a perfect palette for an entry way welcome sign. Each season I change it up a bit. All I did was spray paint the board with black chalk paint and then used a chalk paint pen to write the message on.

#2 Colorful HOME Wall Decor

DIY colorful home wall decor sign

I had fun with this one. I gathered some old cedar boards, sanded them just a bit, then cleaned them. Next was to spray paint them different colors. I attached them to two horizontal boards on the back. Then I free handed the HOME message and attached some hardware to hang. The pop of color is what I like about this piece. 

#3 Create an inspirational message home decor sign

Craft room DIY sign

Many years ago I took the doors of the cupboards above the kitchen refrigerator.  Surprisingly the doors did not get lost. When I used the den door as a desk  in the craft room, I pulled the this one out, cleaned it and gave it a couple of coats of spray chalk paint. This too is free-handed.

This quote resonates with me because I don't always trust that my ideas are going to truly reflect who I am. I am beginning to think that when it comes to home my creativity is ever changing. What, exactly, is my style? Do I really know what the heck I'm doing? So, yes, creativity does take courage...and a bit of green-backs.

#4 Hand painted day in the country rustic sign

DIY wall decor hand painted sign

Every time I head to the big city I feel a bit claustrophobic. Crazy, right? So many people and sounds, so many smells and sights to take in all at once. I selected this message to remind myself that living in the back country isn't so bad. 

The board came from the neighbor's garage. They were replacing the cedar siding and asked if I wanted some of the boards. At the time, I had no idea what I would do with them so I only took a few. 

I painted it white then painted a 1 inch boarder a walnut brown. After I hand painted the quote, I then distressed it with a quick rub on, rub off stain technique. 

#5 DIY laundry room decor crafted sign

Repurpose cupboard door to a laundry room sign

I repurposed one of the laminate cupboard doors I took off from the bathroom vanity. Once cleaned, I then primed it with Kilz and gave it a couple of coats of black paint. Using a stencil, I traced the outline of the letters and then hand painted them white. 

The laundry area of my manufactured home doesn't get a lot of attention. When I added an additional shelf I thought I would add some character to the space. This is one of those 'duh' messages; but, I couldn't help myself. 

#6 Antiques

Hand painted home decor sign

This is another remnant of the cedar siding from the neighbor's garage. The technique in #4 was pretty much the same for this one only used different paint colors. 

I used to have this above my headboard and then thought What the hell? We are not THAT old! So I found  it a new place above the kitchen windows.

#7 Remember the simple things in life handcrafted sign

DIY home decor distressed hand painted sign

 The first sign I ever made. I absolutely love the message. So simple yet so hard to follow. I

I want to live my life according to this one word. Yet, life is pretty messy and confusing. Honestly, I just make it harder than it needs to be. 

This sign is a personal challenge. Keep it Simple it says to me. In return I say, "I'm working on it."

#8 Remember what you have farm style sign

DIY hand painted wall decor sign

Another one of my first signs. All of it was done free handed. I like how this one says it's okay to not have your shit together because your family loves you anyways. Family. I'd be lost without them. Family gatherings are awesome. All our idiosyncrasies are accepted. It's cheesy; I know.

#9 Straight to the point DIY bathroom message

DIY bathroom flush sign

 Obvious? You bet. I remember growing up and there was this sign above the toilet "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweety and wipe the seaty." It was a good reminder for both genders. This sign is just decorative. Kind of like EAT or Kitchen. 

The board comes from an old Logger's cabin we had on the lot when we bought it. The building had two bunk beds, a small cool pantry and then the main living area. Hubby used it as a work/storage shed. When he tore it down, much of the siding was saved. A bit of history hanging above the commode.

Now I wish we had saved that old logger's cabin. It would have been cool to have moved it to the back yard and fixed it up as a cute guest cabin. 

#10 Scrapwood inspirational handpainted sign “Life is Beautiful”

DIY bathroom message home decor sign

When I first made this sign it had something to do with bath, rest, relax. You couldn't hardly read it though because I used a black Sharpie on the rustic wood. Never did really like it.

I sanded it and then painted it a solid black. Using a letter stencil and some white chalk paint, I created this message. Decided I wanted something a bit more meaningful. Now I will see this  in the mirror every morning. A perfect reminder that every day there is something beautiful to appreciate.

#11 Hand painted wood sign gift idea

DIY gift idea hand painted sign

My daughter dreams of hiking in the mountains. This last Christmas I made her this sign to capture her dream. As a college student, she also likes to display her favorite pictures. With some hot glue and mini-clothes pins I added that feature to her sign. 

All of the signs I have created have been from old boards. I have not purchased any paint specifically for these projects. Really the only expense has been buying the stencils.

The signs have added a bit of character to our home. 

How do you find frugal ways to express yourself? I know there is a lot of others out there who share my sign passion. What's your favorite message? How have you added it to your home or garden decor?

Like and share, my friends.


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