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Industrial style pendant light adds country charm

Industrial style pendant light adds country charm

How a Goodwill find adds country charm to small kitchen dinette.

July, 2001 the skies are grey and the earth is once again being purified with rain. I'm anxiously waiting tables at the local restaurant. 

There it goes. My home on wheels. I was so excited. I can still remember the smell of my brand new 1500+ square foot home. 

Then, I didn't care that my home was littered with the infamous boob light. Now, well that's another story.

My mission...remove every boob light one @ a time.

I've been pinning all sorts of pendant lighting. So when I went on a Goodwill hunt, I never imagined I'd find this. I couldn't believe it! I found this lovely for only ten dollars. Ten dollars!?  

Industrial pendant lighting adds country charm to kitchen.

I immediately added it to my cart and then began to meander through the store. All the while I was envisioning where I would hang it. I was brought back to reality when a nice lady commented on my beautiful light. 

We got to talking. I told her I wasn't sure where it would hang. She basically told me to run with it or else she would snatch it up...especially when I told her how much it was.

"Even if you don't hang it, you could sell it for three times the asking price." she said. She even name dropped i.e. Joanna and Chip Gains. Yep. This is mine.

I was so proud of my find. 

For a while it  sat on the center of my kitchen farm table. It called to me. I'm ready. Let me shine.

Pendant lighting adds country charm to small kitchen.

Hubby wasn't as excited as I was.

You see a year ago we, I mean he, replaced the first boob light with a hanging boobish light. 

I get it. 

In his mind it was a perfectly good light. It looked fine. Why would I want to change it?

Because I'm going for country charm don'tcha know?

For two weeks I was working myself up to learning how to install the thing. There's a lot I am not afraid of tackling. This isn't one of them.

Then it happened.

He gifted me.

Hubby hung my pendant lighting. I danced and sang (All on the inside because who wants to be exposed to that?).

Isn't he the best?

My kitchen is small so I can't quite center my table under the light. But who cares? I don't. I love what It did to this space.

Be aware boob-lights. I'm coming for you, one at a time.

Good Will industrail pendant lighting brings life to small dinette.

What do you think? Did I score or what? I would love to hear how your finds became treasures. 

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