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DIY Cute Cabin Style Greenhouse

DIY Cute Cabin Style Greenhouse

Charming Cabin Greenhouse

Over the years Hubby and I have "played" in the dirt in hopes of growing some pretty fine vegetables. He built several raised beds, hauled more truck loads of dirt than I can count, and come spring, tilled the beds. He has built potato bins, raspberry beds, and strawberry beds. And throughout it all, the one thing he coveted was a bright red beef tomato. 

So when he suggested building a greenhouse I was excited. I pictured something like this...

photo credit:

photo credit:


Or even something cute like this one...

photo credit Farrow and Ball

photo credit Farrow and Ball

But I should have known better. If Hubby is going to build something, it's going to be spectacular.

I never dreamed I would have a greenhouse cabin. It has become my she-shed.

I do not offer a tutorial on how to build this type of greenhouse. However, perhaps the pictures and lessons will inspire your own version of a greenhouse cottage.

Cabin style greenhouse

The French style doors we picked up at the local Habitat for Humanity store. I love the charm these two bring to the greenhouse. With that being said, these are indoor doors. The weather has caused some swelling and we had to buy a latch to keep them from swinging open during the winter storms.

The siding is cedar lap which we purchased at Home Depot and stained the cherry red. We chose to stain rather than paint as it matches his work shop. It is already time to re-stain the sun facing walls. 

On the back side of the greenhouse Hubby inserted a vent. We thought we would need another one on the front to help with ventilation but we don't. In the summer I just keep a couple of windows open at night and the doors open during the day. That has controled the temperature.

Greenhouse frame

Hubby went with a 12' X 12' structure. We saved a ton of money on the lumber. Hubby had cut some trees down for a friend and then had a local guy cut it into lumber. The windows were a Craig's list find. More savings.

greenhouse house wrap and siding

After framing and installing the windows and French doors, Hubby wrapped the frame in Grip Rite house wrap. He thought this would help with insulation and maintain the heat.

greenhouse polycarbonate sheet roofing

Once the cedar siding was finished, it was time to build the roof. Hubby built the roof trusses and then attached polycarbonate sheets for the roofing.

See all those paving stones? I used them to create a lil' French garden between the greenhouse and the wood shed. 

greenhouse potting table

When you walk in, the north side of the greenhouse is where he built me a potting table and installed an old cabinet. Then he added a shelf I use for miscellaneous items like pots, bottles, and fertilizers.

What I absolutely love is the fact that I have running water in my greenhouse. Hubby ran a hose from the main line all the way to the greenhouse. Makes watering and cleaning so much easier. 

On the west side of the greenhouse is where Hubby built in a tomato bed. The middle is big enough to add a table.  I have replaced the round table with a folding rectangular table. Throw a tarp over it and I have a space to spray paint different projects. It also offers additional space for seed starters such as my jalapeno peppers...yes, I have successfully grown jalapeno and red chili peppers in the Pacific Northwest.

DIY greenhouse shelves

On the right are these lovely shelves. Perfect for seed starters. The top shelf is a bit narrower than the bottom one.I like how the windows open allowing for cool air and an avenue for bees to pollinate the greenhouse plants. 

DIY chalk plant stakes

Using the drawers from the craft cart is perfect for seed starters as the water will sit on the bottom which helps keep the seeds moist. 

I had all of these excess plant tags. I decided to spray chalk paint on them. For the most part they work. You just have to be careful when you water the seeds. Spay 'em and you may just erase your tag.

greenhouse tomato bed

I am happy to say the greenhouse has provided a bounty of tomatoes--more than two people can eat.

My favorite flower is the geranium. With the greenhouse I have been able to winterize my prized flowers--money saved (wink, wink).

save money by winterizing geraniums in greenhouse
Pacific Northwest you can winterize your geraniums

It's been a few years since Hubby has built this cabin style greenhouse. I absolutely love it.  Recently I asked him if it was possible for him to build me a work shop. He raised his eyebrows. Sigh. Perhaps one day I will also have a work shop where I can really unleash my crazy ideas.

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