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Above the Refrigerator Storage Solution

Above the Refrigerator Storage Solution

I don't know about you but I've wanted to get my hands on the designers who thought it was a good idea to build cupboards above the refrigerator. I mean, really! What do you put there? I bet what is there is most likely rarely used because it's a pain in the arse to get to. Am I right?

Learn what happened when turning a cluttered space into a functional, pretty storage space

I'm 5'3" tall. A foot stool doesn't help me reach this space. 

For years it was just a place to store things I didn't really need that often. Once upon a time there were doors but that was just silly so OFF they went! 

For the last several years it has been a book case. It stored all my I'm going to use these cookbooks one day. Mmm-hmm, you know I just go to Pinterest or All Recipes to find something to spruce up the our meat and potatoes main dish.

What to do with the space above the refrigerator.

Isn't this lovely. Amazing how you just stop seeing the mess. But I guess when you are 5'3" it's not to hard to do. 

So the other day I looked up and decided today was the day I was going to do something about it.

I really like the idea of open cabinets. I love how clean and bright the dishes make the kitchen look. But I also know if I was to actually do something like that I would regret it. Good thing I didn't take a sawzall to some of my other cupboards. 

My tiny version of the open concept was to remove the divider. I have used a sawzall before so I wasn't intimidated to get that sucker out.

Didn't account for the angle of a 5'3" woman on a kitchen chair. Forgot that when you fire it up it's like a jack-hammer.

Cut the top and it wasn't too bad. I was like okay, put a little more pressure and guide it a bit.

Then I started in on the bottom cut and that's when it happened.

The sawzall just got away from me like a big dog on a leash. Clearly it was leading me.


What happens when you don't practice with the sawzall

My immediate response was, Crap, how am I going to fix this so Hubby doesn't notice? Let me tell you. I filled the cut with some Spackle (because I don't have any wood filler left) then pulled out my walnut brown paint.

Once I fixed my boo-boo, I placed all my white dishes inside. Then it was how can I extend the space with the same idea? Which led to cleaning out some cupboards and reorganizing them (coming soon).

store pretty dishes above the refrigerator can't even tell I had a whoopsie moment. And that's how I spent my weekend.

How do you use this space? Any tool took the lead stories?

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