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11 step plan to a master bedroom makeover project

11 step plan to a master bedroom makeover project

The master bedroom is in desperate need of a make over.

This post is all about the vision and planning for a complete transformation of my mobilicious  master bedroom.

master bedroom window treatment needs a make over

Planning your master bedroom transformation project is hard. There is so much to consider like:

  • What do I want the mood to be?
  • How much will it cost me?
  • How will I select the color palette?
  • What can I not do by myself?
  • How much time will it take?
  • How can I use what I already have?
  • How cheaply can I do this?
  • What will I do with the monstrosity of a TV we have?
  • Does the color theme need to flow into the master bath (yes!!)?
  • How will I tie it to the bathroom colors?
  • What will it cost me?

It's been almost a year since we redid our bathroom. I absolutely love the colors. It's bright and earthy at the same time. The vanity is green with a tint of brown paint while the counter top is the color of putty. The accent color is black. The walls are soft white with an accent wall of dove grey stripes. It's pretty. 

I have a clay, blue bowl my daughter made sitting on the counter. I wouldn't say it's exactly navy but pretty close. I thought this might be the color pop for our master bedroom. 

I found these drapes. They work for the color idea but I wasn't exactly moved.

photo source

photo source

But then I wondered about the duvet because our current one has served its time. When I found the one that had the colors of my bathroom, I was finally inspired. Woo-hoo!

master bedroom inspiration board

Now I have a vision of what I want my master bedroom to look and feel like, I was ready to make a plan. 


1. DIY Light Fixture

I fell in love with this one from Tasha does an awesome job showing you how to make a West Elm knock off Bentwood Pendant. She also provides a supply list and links to where you can purchase the kit. ($40)

2. Faux Shiplap Accent Wall

Shiplap seems to be the craze. Apparently Chip and Joanna Gains started it all from Fixer Upper. But I first came across the idea when I was looking for affordable DIY back splashes and stumbled upon faux plank wall. This got me thinking about the leftover laminate flooring we have and whether or not I could use on the wall. More searching and then Emily from Table and Hearth presented her DIY shiplap wall and I was in love. Thank you, Emily, for the inspiration and fantastic tutorial. (apx. $300)

I think this will serve two purposes. One, it will add that farmhouse charm and two, I hope, will provide a sound barrier between the living room and bedroom. We hope to one day hang a flat screen TV on the other side of that wall. What do ya think? Will it help absorb the bass of the TV?

planning the accent wall in master bedroom make over project

3. Master Bedroom Window Treatment

With the extra planks from the shiplap wall, I plan on framing the window and painting it pure white (same as the walls). Inspired from The curtain panels will be a smoke gray and will hang from a black curtain rod (may save money with black PVC rod and end caps). ($60.40)

4. Paint the Walls

Two gallons of BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Pure White Eggshell interior paint should be plenty for the three walls, molding, window frame and the closet frame work. I like BEHR paint and one of the things I have learned about paint--spend the extra money. Cheap paint means more coats, more work, and it doesn't look as good when it dries. With that being said, there are projects where cheap paint was the way to go like my door to desk project. ($80 (includes sponge roller and drop cloth))

5. Master Bedroom Floor 

Last spring we replaced the carpet in the living room and den. We absolutely love it. I spent more on the padding and the carpet is thick. My feet always say "Ahh" as they walk across it. After the painting of the craft room floor lessons, I've decided I want to replace the carpet to match that in the living room. The colors will actually work with the flow of the kitchen, the light fixture, and the knobs on the bathroom vanity. Plus carpet will  help maintain the heat as well as help reduce the noise. (estimate $700-1000)

6. Take Mismatched Dressers and Paint to Match

planning dress over transformation with chalk paint
chest dresser before plans to chalk paint

 I have never tried Rustoleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint, Linen White. It advertises that only one coat is needed. I like that. I know I want the rubbed vintage look with both dressers. Hopefully this will do the trick. (37.96). The inside of the drawers will match the pulls, which will be black. (spray paint $8, quart semi-gloss black paint $8).

The headboard will also be painted to match the two dressers. 

7. Spray Paint Crate Night Stands

frugal night stand idea--paint a crate and hang at night stand level.

This will be the easiest and least expensive master bedroom project. All I will need to do is lightly sand surface and spray paint the desired green color as seen in my inspiration board above. (1 can $4)

8. DIY Faux Barn Door 

Now to only find a new home for the dinosaur of a TV. Yikes!

Now to only find a new home for the dinosaur of a TV. Yikes!

The first thing I will need to do is see if the left over planks from the shiplap wall will work. It all depends on the width of the planks and whether or not it will allow for the door to slide. If not, then I could use the laminate flooring. All I would need to do is rip the planks to size and attach with Tough as Nails adhesive. After that I finish with chalk paint and hardware. I am inspired by Heaven's Walk and hope my attempt will look like hers. (estimate for hardware $24)

photo source:

photo source:

9. Add decor and duvet

photo credit:  ($119)

photo credit: ($119)

This is the message I want above the bed.

Now that I have a vision and a plan for my mobilicious master bedroom it's time to get to work. I figure I can do this project in stages. That way I won't feel the  estimated total of 1, 682 dollars bite quite so much. Ouch!

Hubby is most likely calling me crazy and saying something along the lines that the room is just fine. I know. I know. But this will be our happy place...

Well, what do you think? You think I can pull it off? Before I dive in, any tips you can share with me? Wish me luck.

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