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8 Upcycled trash to storage containers

8 Upcycled trash to storage containers

8 ways to upcycle trash into storage containers

If you are a crafter or collector of any sort, you understand the need to figure out how to store all the stuff that goes with that. Heck...if you have an obsessive, clutter-free personality, then you want EVERYTHING in its place. 

I like knowing my "treasures" have a place. I also like knowing that place is not only functional  storage but also is pretty and cheap.

DIY storage baskets

Taking trash and turning it into something useful is one of those projects that doesn't take the whole day to do. I like simple. But there isn't anything from saying you can't go all out and make your trash into a work of art.

Here are 8 trash to storage containers made without spending a cent (all supplies were already on hand). 

1. Quaker Oatmeal Container and Some Toilet Paper Rolls 

organize paint brushes

This was fun. All I did was cut the container to the desired height then hot glued some burlap fabric over it. To organize the small paint brushes from the bigger ones, I just inserted some toilet paper rolls and, wa-la, pretty paint brush storage system.

2. Upcycle Cereal Box to Storage Bin

upcycle cereal box

This was so easy. Cut the cereal box to desired depth. Spray paint. Add some wide ribbon and then accessorize. I have this on my night stand discreetly storing my fave  magazine and current read.  

3. Upcycle Kirkland Soap Boxes to Storage Tray

upcycle soap boxes

This was inspired by the need to store my daily vitamins in something pretty. Before the bottles just hung out on top of my bathroom shelf. What I loved about this project was the discovery that the inside of the boxes are blue. Perfect for my master bath. Cut box. Turn inside-out. Hot glue edges. Adorn with ribbon and glass gems. Other ideas I have for these trays: jewelry, junk drawer dividers, keys by back door, seeds in the green house....ideas are endless.

4. Shoe box recycled to vacation memory box

upcycle shoe box to photo storage container

Old shoe box and a crumpled up Atlas, hmm...what can one do with that? Make a photo storage container! I Mod Podged the map on the inside and the bottom of the shoe box. Then I hot glued the fabric to the lid. Add some ribbon and you have a vacation memory box. 

5. Upcycle Pringle Cans to Piggy-Bank

upcycle pringle cans

I wish I could tell you that I made these cool coin storage containers, but I can't. My daughter made these from two Pringle cans with scrapbook paper and some twine. What I love about these is that she found a way to use the dragonflies. Way back when the Class of 2010 were eighth graders, they surprised me with a thank you cake on the last day of school. I'm so glad I hung onto them as they trigger many good memories

6. Green Bean Cans Upcycled to Sharpie Containers

I hate looking for markers in a drawer or in my case a Ziploc bag. Not only was the drawer with the Ziplock bag messy but I had to bend down because they were in the bottom drawer. Oh, the woes I suffer. Really, this is just prettier. Adds a splash of color. Wash your can. Spray paint. Add some twine and hang to a towel holder. Bam! Now my Sharpies are within reach. As you can see this one is still a work in progress. I have a ton of colored pencils just waiting to join them.

7. Recycled condiment jars 

Recycle jars

Our cat food is stored in a plastic bin in our mud room. Unfortunately the cat refuses to go here. She precious, ya know. Rather than store the bright pink plastic bin by the slider, I created this. It sits on the counter by the slider. 

This craft project didn't turn out quite what I had planned. I thought I would drill a hole in the lid and attach the pulls. Well, the screws were not meant for the thinness of a jar lid. So I ended up hot gluing the pull on top. Works okay but one of the pulls has fallen off.

I did something similar for our master bath. One is a salsa jar turned Q-tip holder while the other is a minced garlic jar turned cotton ball container. I did include the screw and I hot glued it as well. No way are the pulls coming off.

recycle condiment jars

8. Christmas tins upcycled to sewing tins

Recycle Christmas tins

Christmas--that time of year where gifting comes with a cute holiday tin. I don't know about you, but I have thrown away many Christmas containers. Now I find a way to use them to store things. Spray paint them and add a label. They are perfect in the bathroom to hold make-up, first aid, or other personal items. I like them because I can stack them or store them on their sides. A cheap and nice way to organize your space.

I love finding new ways to upcycle everyday items. What have you made from trash lately? How has it helped you organize your space? 

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