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Weekend Project: DIY upcycled door to desk

Weekend Project: DIY upcycled door to desk

Not too long ago I transformed my spare room closet into a craft cave and painted the floor. For the most part it fit my needs but (yep, there's a but), I needed more elbow room. So this weekend I decided to create another work station. 

Now here at the Olympic Nest DIY projects are mostly about taking what you have and finding a new purpose for the item.  Pinterest offered many different ideas and the one that I found myself pinning the most were the ones where file cabinets were used as the base. I had the filing cabinets but what I needed was the desk.

Solution--French den doors. The doors were always open and I had been wanting to open the space up. So down came the doors.


I first tested to see if it would fit on top of the entertainment center I had built in high school. It did! That meant I only had to use one of the office file cabinets.


I removed the hardware and filled in the holes. From there it was two coats semi-gloss black paint. This is where the project grew. Now that the top and file cabinet matched, I immediately knew the entertainment center was going to have to get a coat of paint. Not gonna lie. I just about talked myself into it was fine the way it was. I mean, geez, it had just gotten the heirloom white up-do not that long ago. 

I'm glad my it needs to match got the better of me. 

As I painted, I began to envision the space as a work zone. What supplies did I want at hand and how was I going to organize them? I created a visual check list.

The glass shelf was already there and the glass jars were already filled with different craft items. They were just not all in one central location. Check.

Next was the paint. You might have figured out that paint is my BFF. I already had the wooden wine case so all I did was mount on wall, cut a piece of board to fit vertically then organized my craft supplies accordingly. Check.


After that it went pretty smoothly. Reorganized the shelves with ribbon, glitter, tape and other odds and ends. 

The last touch to this space was to hang my kiddos art work. Prior I had a photo gallery of them but I like this so much better. I love the abstract personal touch.


So let me take you to what the room looked like before my awesome weekend project. 

craft-room-make over-before

a room that sings. Yes, my craft room is singing loudly. "It's Time to Get Crafty" is the song title.


And that's another weekend project. I would love to hear what you tackled this weekend. Did it work out like you thought it would? 

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