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I painted my sub floor...oops

I painted my sub floor...oops

You know when you get the DIY bug and you just can't let it go until you see it through? Well, it bit me good when I came across the idea of painting a sub floor. 

For weeks I was pinning all sorts of make over ideas for the master bedroom. In doing so I came across ideas for paper flooring, stenciled flooring, and of course painted flooring. 

After researching each I settled on the painted flooring idea and thought the perfect testing zone would be in my craft room.

The carpet was just a mess (in my humble opinion...just don't ask Hubby what his was). So this seemed like the perfect budget friendly solution.

I was inspired by mylove2create post "How to Paint a Sublfoor". Directions were clear and easy to follow. The only two differences between what she did and what I did was the brand of paint and the sub floor product. 

The end result was what I almost envisioned (was hoping for navy blue stripes but the closest hardware store didn't have the right base to create the color). 


The painted floor seemed like the perfect temporary solution to a craft room. It looks nice.

bedroom painted sub floor

Clean-up is easier.


I made some mistakes.

painted sub floor.jpg

1. I didn't measure the stripes properly so the stripe beneath the window is narrow. Once the trim work is installed, it will look even worse. Not a deal breaker just poor planning.

striped floor

2. The sub-floor isn't plywood nor is it chip wood. Instead it looks like this...perhaps particle board?

mobile home sub floor

After preparing the surface, I gave it two coats of Kiltz water-base primer.  I let it dry over night. The porch floor paint went on great and dried quickly. However, drop something that causes a nick and you see the sub-floor. Likewise the chair also has pulled up the paint.

painted subfloor chip

I'm wondering if I had sealed the floor with polyurethane and let the floor sit for 48 hours, would that have kept this from happening? 

3. I'm not sure why I didn't consider this but the biggest problem has been the temperature. Before the removal of the carpet we never noticed the cool air coming from this space. Now we keep the door closed due to the cold air moving through the living room. It takes quite some time for the wood stove to heat-up the place. It's also uncomfortable to work in there when it feels chilly. At some point I will most likely buy an area rug to see if that will help. 

It would seem like the these things are ticky-tacky problems. If you live in a manufactured home, knowing what type of sub floor material you have may deter you from painting the floor. Also if you live in a damp cool region, you may want to consider how this may impact your home's temperature. 

Needless to say the master bedroom stenciled floor idea is out the window. Have you painted a floor? How did it work out for you? What did you do different? 

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