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Why a walk on the beach will make you feel better

Why a walk on the beach will make you feel better

One of the things I've always been drawn to is the beauty of nature. Growing up I often explored the back woods. My partners were our four-legged friends. I'd get lost looking at the trees or following the dear trails. When my day was rough, I'd seek the solitude of the woods. Peace blanketed me and my inner conflict was eased. 

Lucky for me I live in a place rich with color and texture. Unlucky for me I also live in a place where the rain is the main menu.

It's February and we have had a full menu of rain. So when the grey skies parted and the sun graced us with its rays this last Thursday, this soaked spirited girl  was ready for some good old beach therapy.


Look...the sky is clear. I was so excited; I broke the speed limit to take this morning greeting.

All day I was imagining this.


Every day I drive by the beach. I suppose it's only natural to stop seeing it. If you can believe it, I forgot how beautiful it actually is. 

Today it was perfect.

Wasn't too breezy or too cold.

NO ONE shared my therapy session.




I had all the time to sit and take in the view.

Later I slowly meandered down the beach hunting for the coveted agate.

Do you see it? 


Agate hunting was first introduced to me by my hubby. He's an avid competitor so our leisure afternoon beach strolls became a competition to who could find the most agates. More points went to the one who found the largest agate, the root beer agate, or unusual jewel of an agate. I became a very good agate hunter. 

Clallam Bay agates

Once in awhile I will also pick-up some pretty glass. I now have a collection of agates I'm not sure what to do with. Thoughts?

My hour session left me feeling calm and, more importantly, my old self...the nutty-buddy, ready to take on the next project, let's get to work, Kelli. 

The best part. My therapy session was free. Bam.

How do you re-calibrate your spirit?

I painted my sub floor...oops

I painted my sub floor...oops

Easy to-do dry erase wall decor

Easy to-do dry erase wall decor