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DIY simple country home decor

DIY simple country home decor

 farm style decor without the price tag

Recently I have been prowling Pinterest for decor ideas and tips. I am drawn to the farm style/beach cottage look. I like the clean and simple lines of the farm style while the colors of the beach cottage look soothe me. 

Confession time. If you have read some of my other posts you know I am a jump right in kind of DIYer. I see something I like and think I can do that. Take the time I decided to rip up the carpet in my craft room and paint the sub floors...oops. Then there's painted vanity counter top and my faux planked wall. Most of the time I am pretty satisfied with the after results, but this one, I am over the moon for. 

The corner of my master bath tub has always been an eye sore. I could just never imagine what would look good there. 

Without further ado here's what I did. And the cost? Time and labor. Isn't that the best!

1. Wooden Candle Holders

I saw something similar on Pinterest  "Large pillar candle holders..." for $54 on Etsy and thought I can do that. So out to the wood shed I went. Found some scraps, sanded them down, stained them and then gave them a light coat of white chalk paint. I once again took the sander to them and wa-la, two pillar candle holders.

2. Farm style sign

If you are a fan of typography art than you know simple signs are a must. Signs are kind of my thing. I wanted something tall and knew a simple sign would be perfect. Again I found another piece of scrap wood, sanded it down and gave it a clear coat of stain. With stencils I painted 'Relax' then white washed. Finished by lightly sanding it.

3. Rose thorn vase

While the easiest project of the three, it was a bit a pain in more ways than one. All I did was prune my climbing rose and then spray painted them. Filled a vase with some clear glass stones I purchased a while back and then arranged the branches. Simple.

DIY farm style decor.jpg

I am so pleased with the end results. Finally a corner that speaks to me. 

What do you think? Share your frugal decor projects.


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