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23 thrifty RV storage and organization ideas

23 thrifty RV storage and organization ideas

23 RV round-up ideas for organizing supplies before you hit the road

It's getting that time to hit the road for another adventure. I don't know about you but figuring out what works and doesn't work has been a bit painful. Broken dishes, scarred walls, broken pains are just some of the woes we have experienced after opening the doors from a long haul. 

Then there's figuring out how to best use your tiny living space. Seems like you've got plenty when the RV is parked in the drive-way. But once you actually "live" in it...that's another story.

So I put together a round-up of ideas that are both affordable and, hopefully, useful to storing and organizing your gear.

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The Kitchen

RV Storage Ideas

1. Wooden Crates

One of the things I really like about our RV layout is the fact the kitchen is at the back end rather than in the middle. As you enter we have two wooden crates to store our shoes. Plus it adds additional space to set our produce basket on. The crates are pretty affordable at Walmart, Target, and even Hobby Lobby. The basket was purchased for a few bucks at a yard sale.

use milk crates to add more RV storage.jpg

2. Plastic Bins

Plastic bins can be used in a multiple ways to store your RV supplies. Here one houses dish towels and rags (Walmart) while another stores the spices (Dollar Tree). And there's just enough space between each to store the tin foil and press-n-seal wrap.

How to store RV kitchen supplies.jpg

3. Dollar Tree Plastic Bins

If you like to match your storage containers you can't beat the Dollar Tree prices. At The Homes I Have Made she used these containers to store items in her upper cabinets. She even labeled them. That's smart!

4. Magazine Holder

A plastic magazine holder stores the paper plates while a cardboard book bin keeps the dinner plates tidy. Could also use this system to store plasticware, snacks, etc. 

RV kitchen storage ideas.jpg

One of our kitchen challenges is this cupboard above the sink is deep. The only way I can access anything beyond what you can see is if I have a step-stool. Right now the roasting pan, stock pot and fry pans are stored here.

A plastic magazine container is used to store the zip-lock bags.

For now this is working for us. But I would like to figure out how to utilize the vertical space as well as figure out what to do with the area that is a pain in the keester to get anything.

RV kitchen appliances storage ideas.jpg

5. Dollar Tree Storage Trays

RV kitchen drawers are pretty narrow. Not all silverware trays will fit. You can find some at the Dollar Tree as well as these heavy duty storage trays. Perfect solution to that messy drawer that's on the left.

thrifty ways to organize RV kitchen drawers.jpg

6. Stack-able Plasticware

Storing the plasticware doesn't have to be a burr. Pick-up the kind that stack (Dollar Tree once again!) and then store on there sides like we did here on the right.

Thrifty RV Storage Round-Up Ideas.jpg

7. Command Hooks

Not sure where to store your produce? Buy some command hooks and repurpose a shower caddy into a produce rack like seen here from My Fridge Food.

Source: My Fridge Food

Source: My Fridge Food

8. Lazy Susan +1

Number 25 on RV Storage's 100+ list was to use a Lazy Susan in the fridge. Or you could also use in a cupboard for easy access. Add a couple Dollar Tree bins with handles to keep your fridge contents secure. Plus, when it's time to unload, simply take the bins inside, empty and clean.

9. Costco Peanut Containers

We use baskets and a couple of upcycled peanut containers to store the dry goods beneath the table seat. Next step is to label the tops.

RV storage tricks.jpg

10. Flipped Storage Containers

Flipping bins is the perfect solution for those narrow cupboards above the dining table (thanks to RV Storage Ideas for the inspiration). You can see the difference in space just by flipping the plastic bin we use to store DVDs (the satellite blue box now fits behind the DVDs). 

Oh, and there's a story behind the face of our cupboard doors. The one on the right, the glass just fell out. Solution: cut some heavy duty cardboard, wrap in contact paper and hot glue into the frame of door. What you do to one, you might as well do to the other. So there you have it.

simple and affordable storage solutions for RVs.jpg

Those black bins are Dollar Tree collapsible bins. The space on the right will be perfect to store snacks and bread.

11. Laminate Flooring

We are fortunate enough to have a mini-pantry. One thing we did to to make sure the canned goods don't come flying out during the journey, was to cut left-over laminate flooring to just fit inside the lip. You could label each section according to what you store on that shelf. May have to be the next thing I do (wink).

RV pantry ideas.jpg

Onward to the RV bedroom and wardrobe storage ideas.

RV bedroom storage ideas.jpg

Bedroom & Closet

RV Storage Ideas

12. Add Closet Shelves

One of the areas that frustrates me the most is the bedroom storage space. It's awkward! So much space is wasted because we don't need two closets to hang clothes--plus they are so deep. ProudCanuck has the right idea when he came up with adding shelves.

Source:  RV.Net

Source: RV.Net

One of the issues with adding shelves, or anything construction related, is weight. Plus you have to be really careful drilling anything into your RV. Basically, if you are in this field, knock yourself out. Me, I'd most likely drill right through the darn trailer. 

For me to make this happen, I think I would find lightweight boards to act as the cleats for the shelves (like Proudcanuck did). I would most likely attach with Hard As Nails glue and then use underlayment plywood, like I did here and here, for the shelves.

If your RV has a wardrobe, like we do, you even have more space to hang clothes from (What??? we're camping!) Another reason we don't need two closets in the bedroom.

We tend to use the left side for food storage and to store the bigger bowls.

rv closet storage ideas.jpg

13. Collapsible Bins

Purchase some Dollar Tree collapsible bins and use to organize your drawers. Roll your t-shirts, socks, tanks, etc. to get more out of your space.

The Olympic Nest

The Olympic Nest

Moving onto storage ideas in your RV bathroom.

RV bathroom organization tips.jpg

Simple Solutions

for the RV powder room

14. Cereal Container

Take a plastic cereal container and use it as your trash can in the bathroom like the one above.

15. Dollar Tree File Basket

Dream Green DIY inspires a quick and easy storage solution for hair appliances. Just need a Dollar Tree file basket and two command hooks. Now that's smart. 


16. Shoe Box

What works for us is another Dollar Tree collapsible bin under our sink. Will move the hand towels on top of the shoe box (stores feminine products) which will provide room for a travel bag.

RV bathroom organization ideas.jpg

17. Christmas Cookie Tin

Another frugal idea is to spray paint a Christmas cookie tin and store first aid stuff in it as seen above.

18. Over the Door Coat Hanger

If your shower doesn't extend all the way to the ceiling, hang a door hook over it to store bath towels just like Olympic Nest does

RV bathroom storage ideas.jpg

That brings this round-up to the storage space beneath the RV. No matter how many times we rearrange and reorganize the bins, it becomes a mess. 

RV basement storage ideas

19. Vertical Storage

Does your lawn furniture tend to be the last thing you shove into your basement storage area? Try adding vertical divider sections. Do It Yourself RV offers a tutorial for how to build this storage system. 


20. Hang Gear

This is pretty slick. I especially like how they attached their tongue accessories to the wall of the basement storage area. 

Source: Incredible  Rv Basement Storage Ideas

Source: Incredible Rv Basement Storage Ideas

21. Stackable Storage Tubs

We happen to have one of those RV basement systems that goes from one side all the way to the other. I can see this idea working for one end...maybe. But if you have room and this is something that could work of you, yay! Great way to be able to see what is in the storage tub.

Source: Found on Pinterest but link is broken.

Source: Found on Pinterest but link is broken.

22. Hose Bag

Need to figure out how to store your water hose? Why not in a bag with handles

RV water hose storage bag.jpg

23. Under Bed Storage Tubs

If you are like us, then you would love to have a RV basement storage system that rolls out. But, there always seems to be one of those, to make one is a bit more than you want to take on. What's the next best thing? Under the bed storage bins with wheels!

storage tub for RV basement.jpeg

You can get one of these pretty reasonable at Walmart but if you want to get a set of 4 and stack your storage system, you can get them here

That wraps up some great and thrifty ideas for how you can get the most out of your RV space. 

But wait…

Need more RV storage ideas?

Hop on over to Your RV Lifestyle post “DIY Storage Solutions for Your RV Lifestyle” and read their detailed guide on what really needs to be stored in your RV.

Happy trails and adventures, my friends. Please share your favorite RV storage tip. And if you'd be so kind to share this post, that would be awesome!


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