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11 stunning and easy container gardening ideas using rain gutters

11 stunning and easy container gardening ideas using rain gutters

It's spring and with spring it's time to prep and plant the garden. I do enjoy fresh vegetables and pretty flowers. What I don't enjoy is the cost of fancy containers or the battle with the slugs here on the Olympic Peninsula. So if there's a way where I can save money (like I did here with this DIY garden orb) and make gardening a wee bit easier...I'm all for it. Hence this round-up of some pretty cool ways to re- purpose rain gutters into containers.

Think about it. Whether you live in an apartment, small home, or have a place with lots of space, these rain gutters turned container gardens have a place. Bonus--if you have to replace some gutters, rather than throw them away,  upcycle them! Whoop-whoop!

11 rain gutter container ideas to save space and money

One thing to keep in mind is the fact gutters aren't deep so make sure to choose shallow rooted plants.

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#1: Rain Gutter Garden Rail

Here's a good idea to create a deck rail using gutters and some 4x4s. Other plants that would look pretty cool might be Creeping Jenny or English Ivy. Both will grow in shade or sun (keep soil moist) and will spill over the edge of your gutter.

#2: Hanging Gutter Container Welcome

Need a splash of color to greet your guests? Ashley over at Makeit-Loveit shares how she made this for only $20 bucks. 



#3 Gutter Center Piece

In love with this rustic center piece. It's charming and could work for weddings, picnics, summer gatherings.... Have a patio table with an umbrella? Drill a hole in the center for your umbrella and, if you don't want to add plants, add citronella candles and some white rocks. 

Source:  Melody Brook

Source: Melody Brook

#4 Vertical Lettuce Gutter Garden

This is pretty amazing. A lettuce wall garden! Too much lettuce? Mix it up with other salad fixings like radishes, spinach, chives, green onions and even strawberries. Check out Gardensall for tutorial and materials needed.


#5 Succulent Gutter Fence Rail Container

Have a sunny spot you want to add some color to? Why not a cactus or succulent gutter bed tastefully attached to your deck railing? Neither require a lot of soil or water so that's a win-win.

#6 Flowering Gutter Fence Rail Container

Or, instead of succulents how about some petunias? Wave petunias would be beautiful and would attract hummingbirds and bees. Both great pollinators. 

Source:  Nagel5 News

Source: Nagel5 News

#7 Hanging Vegetable Rain Gutter Idea

Make a hanging gutter system from old gutters. Hop on over to the tutorial "DIY Hanging Gutter Garden" to see how they created this beautiful and simple hanging garden system.

#8 Staggering Vertical Wall Rain Gutter Container Idea

Over at the Corner Blog their vertical gutter garden is a family affair. Perfect set-up for young gardeners. Tiffanie explains how they made this and even provides a link updating you on how the plants grew one month later. 

Source:  Corner Blog

Source: Corner Blog

#9 Farm Style Vertical Wall Gutter Garden

Another vertical gutter garden with a little farm style charm. Look close and you can see pots were set in the gutter which makes it easy to swap out your plants depending on the season. Imagine a fall display and winter...ah, beautiful!

Source:  More than Chic

#10 Save Space and Water with a Vertical Gutter Garden

Another lettuce vertical garden but with a bit more ingenuity. This one has a watering system included. You can see water dripping from the top left gutter drip onto the one below which then flows to the next, and so on. Brilliant!

#11 Mobile Vertical Gutter Garden 

It's really appealing to create a mobile garden. Maybe you are growing cool loving plants--place in part sun. Maybe you have a sun loving area you need to add some somthin-somethin to. Maybe you just have an area you plan on landscaping one day but need something temporary. What better solution than to make a mobile vertical gutter garden?

Source:  bobvilla

Source: bobvilla

Shop for this look-alike project:

Before you toss your old gutters, take some and repurpose into a creative container garden. I know that's what we will be doing with ours! 

rain gutter upcycled container ideas.jpg

What do ya think? Something you could pull off and love? Have you already tried one of these? How'd it go? Leave a comment and share your ideas; and if ya liked, share or pin this post.

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