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$100 Room Challenge: guest bedroom reveal

$100 Room Challenge: guest bedroom reveal

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. -Albert Einstein

Can you believe January is coming to a close? It wasn't that long ago I worked on my 2018 goals and found myself messaging Erin over at Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry if I could join her $100 Room Challenge. Just like that I became a participant and joined my first link party.

Turn a Bedroom to Welcoming Guest Room for under $100

The gist of the $100 Room Challenge is to choose a space and transform it without going over a hundred dollars. Now do this in 4 weeks (good thing for us January has 5 weeks). I decided to take my daughter's room, who is off on her own adult adventure, and turn it into a guest room.

bedroom before diy wall trim.jpg

Here's my original brainstorm of what I thought I was going to do with this space in week one.

Week 2 was all about the closet and how to take my daughter's graffiti and turn it into a fun mural.

small bedroom closet before 100 room challenge.jpg
closet mural guest bedroom.jpg

Hop on over to this link to see how I created this dreamy closet space.

I wish I had a before picture of what the book shelf looked like (you can kind of tell in the first picture). There really wasn't a plan for this area except to just return my daughter's YA (Young Adult) library back the way she had it. But I was inspired by the different ways books can be used as decor.

book case decor.jpg

So I turned the books around and had fun playing with different looks until I liked what I saw. 

shed elk horn painted goldjpg

This is an elk shed horn my husband found. After a good scrub, spray painted it gold and now it's decor. I'm all about saving a penny and using what you have.

Week 3 was a crazy two days of adding wood trim to the walls, creating a faux shiplap wall accent below the window, and finishing up the headboard I had started in week one. A week in 2 days you say? That's what happens when you teach middle school kiddos Mon-Fri and your brain is fried when you get home. You can check out the full details here.

When I first painted the DIY headboard (full how-to post here.) it looked like this...

all white diy headboard.jpg

But I didn't really like the white on white, so I painted the trim the same color as the door to the bedroom which is a charcoal grey.

$100 room challenge guest bedroom reveal.jpg

See that afghan? My mom made this for me when I graduated. Even then my favorite color was blue. So happy to pull it out and use it again.

Another addition...a new curtain rod with black-out, sound reduction white curtains. Logging trucks at 3 am isn't what you want to wake-up to so hopefully these will help a wee bit. Cost: $38

Hello, guest! Come on in and make yourself at home.

guest bedroom decor.jpg
for the guest towel basket.jpg

What you see here I already had. Added two large white towels, a wash cloth, and a touch of color with a lavender sprig. The soap came from a hotel we stayed at a while back. Anyone else have a collection of hotel vanity accessories? 

coastal guest bedroom.jpg

Originally planned on centering the bed on this wall. But then I decided to use this accent table and since I only had one, figured the space would look better if the bed wasn't centered. 

The table used to be black. All I did was add two coats of chalk paint then distressed it a bit and sealed it with a coat of Minwax Finishing Paste Wax I already had on hand.

vanity chair with accent table.jpg

The chair I redid this summer. Found this cutey at Goodwill for only $4 dollars! Whoo-hoo, me!

welcome wi-fi passwword.jpg

Only thing purchased for this vignette was the boxwood planter for $8.99 at TJ Max. The "Welcome Wi-Fi Password" print came from Elegance and Enchantment. Hop over and check out Erin's other bedroom free printables here.  I already had the frame so this didn't cost me anything. 

free fern prints.jpg

Walk just a bit into the woods here and you will find a plethora of ferns. When I saw these free fern prints, at The Painted Hive, I knew what I wanted to do. Purchased these frames from the Dollar Store. Not too shabby for a mere three dollars

simple bedroom decor.jpg

Every time I look at this corner my heart smiles. As you know, this used to be my daughter's room. What I love about this room is that she is still here. 

Take the wood art piece in the corner. She painted this but never completed the piece. I think it's perfect the way it is. Then I found her peach baby blanket. Her Aunt Diane, who was her cousin Kathleen's mom, made this for her. Now it adds a splash of color that works perfectly with the comforter.

The rose bouquet and pail I already had. The pail I had in the craft room full of stuff. That said stuff is now strewn across the table. Ugh, that room is always a work in progress.

bedroom wall decor.jpg

If you stand by the window and look this way, this would be your view. These prints didn't cost anything but time. Another connection to Kyla. I chose two prints from a calendar a friend gifted her then used the frames already on the walls to show case them. 

Absolutely love these quotes.

imagination is everything.jpg
wall art from old calendar print.JPG

In the corner, by the closet, rests this sign I made from an old cedar ironing board I picked up at a yard sale many years ago.

diy welcome to our home sign.jpg

I had already chalk painted it and stenciled/free-handed the verse.

And this is an oil (correction: acrylic) painting Kyla made for me this summer. You can see where it was at before it found a new home in the before picture below.

kyla wilson rose print.jpg

One more's a before looksie... 

queen bed before diy headboard.jpg

Pretty amazing what one can do when challenged. 

Cost Break Down:

  • 1x2x8 Furring strips: 7 x 1.32=9.24

  • 1x4x8 Furring boards: 7 x 3.92= 27.41

  • Latex all purpose caulk: 2 x 2.28 = 4.56

  • Wood filler: $5.00

  • Curtain Rod: $13.00

  • Set of 2 curtain panels: $24.99

  • Boxwood planter: 8.99

  • 3 8x10 picture frames: $3.00

TOTAL: $93.19

The guest room is finished...all I need now are some guests!

bedroom makeover for less than $100 dollars.png

I can not express enough how happy I am to have joined the $100 Room Challenge. The guest bedroom turned out even better than I had imagined. I don't think I can wait until September to do this again. Sigh.

Want to see more amazing reveals? Check out all the other participants below. So many have inspired me and have given me ideas for other projects. Be inspired and check them out!

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