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$100 Room Challenge: how to create a dreamy bedroom closet

$100 Room Challenge: how to create a dreamy bedroom closet

$100 Room Challenge Part II: Create Whimsical Closet 

This is my first $100 Room Challenge and after weekend one, I’m both excited and pooped. I've decided to jump right in and transform the guest bedroom in one month! This is all about the guest bedroom closet and how I transformed it without spending any of my budget! Phew. 


What is the $100 Room Challenge? The down and dirty version. You pick a room and you have one month and $100 to make new again. But to really get the low down on what this $100 Room Challenge is all about, pop on over to Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry and meet Erin, the genius behind the challenge.

In my first post I introduced the guest bedroom and my goals.  In case ya missed it, you can check it out HERE. One of my goals was to take the closet and turn it into a more finished media center.


So no finished media area but I like the end result so much better.

Here were my goals and how I accomplished them.

1. Figure out how to make my daughter's unfinished mural the focal point

The first thing I did was finish my daughter’s artwork. She painted this when she was in 5th-6th grade and as you can see she had a good time but some of the details never got done.


Now I could have just painted over this but then my dad would have been pretty disappointed. Last time he stayed he left with these words, “Whatever you do, do not paint over Kyla’s painting.” Then when I told Hubby I had joined the $100 Room Challenge, (should have seen his face, bahahaha), he looked at me, at the closet, and said, “You’re not painting over that are you?” Nope.

2. Paint closet walls and frame mural

I painted the walls orange. Why I have a gallon of burnt orange in the storage shed is a mystery. I wanted the color to be pretty close to the shade that’s in the fabric of the chair. In my mixing I now have ½ a gallon of burnt orange, a quart of somewhat lighter orange, and ½ quart of light-peachy orange. What am I going to do with all that orange paint!?

Stepped back and sighed because I still thought it was too orangey, I dry brushed white paint over the top and that seemed to have toned it down a bit.

Then I painted the laurels to frame the girls.


And finished with this stenciled/free hand cute, magical fairy verse.


3. DIY closet shelves

I wanted shelves for guests to store their bathroom necessities and what-not. Keeping to my zero budget for this stage of my $100 Room Challenge I came up with another brilliant idea (wink). Have you ever wanted to take an end table you no longer really love and think, hmmm, I can cut that in half and use it as a wall shelf. You know, just like you see on Fixer Upper? Ok, I am here to tell you it was NOT easy.


Here was a helpful tutorial I referred to from SFGate Homeguides.

I had that table upside down trying to figure out the center which would have been easy had there not been so many different edges to factor in. Hubby just watched. He’s like, “You’re a DIYer. You’ve got this.” Grrr.

Here’s the thing. I’m sure it would have been easy-peesy had I: 1) taken the legs off (realized after the table was already cut in half) and 2) had used the right saw. Apparently I suffer from memory loss because I decided to use the sawzall. The last time I used the beast I had a lil’ whoopsy when I solved the above kitchen storage area. Once I had the table cut in half, I used Rust-oleum Chalked paint from Home Depot (had on hand) and some clear wax to seal the paint. Last step was to attach to the wall with L brackets and some drywall screws.

diy-end-table-to-closet shelves.jpg

4. Add the decor

Finished with my cute $4.00 chair I refabbed, placed the rustic mirror just so and added some welcoming touches. 

And that's a wrap on stage one of our guest bedroom $100 Room Challenge. All of which didn't cost a dime because I just so happened to have everything I needed. Booya!

Coming soon...Part III of the $100 Room Challenge: the bedroom walls


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